Six Four - Kevin McKidd & Vinette Robinson

Six Four – ITV release first-look images from the upcoming crime thriller

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Kevin McKidd and Vinette Robinson lead the cast of Six Four.

ITV released the first images from their upcoming adaptation of Hideo Yokoyama’s novel Six Four.

The drama takes place primarily in Glasgow. ITV describes it as a dark and compelling story of kidnap, corruption, betrayal and an uncompromising search for the truth. It stars Kevin McKidd (Rome, Trainspotting) and Vinette Robinson (Doctor Who, Boiling Point)

Six Four - Kevin McKidd
Six Four starts streaming on 30th March on ITVX

Here’s the synopsis for Six Four:

Serving police detective, Chris, played by Kevin McKidd, is provided with a startling revelation about an infamous, unsolved case that once divided the police when a local girl called Julie Mackie disappeared. Now, reeling from the news that his own daughter has gone missing, Chris is approached by a journalist who tells him that fatal mistakes were covered-up in Julie’s disappearance. Revisiting the case, Chris uncovers a series of undeniable errors, corruption and unbridled ambition.

As Chris fights to make sense of what he’s discovered, his wife Michelle, played by Vinette Robinson, takes matters into her own hands in search of their daughter. Using skills she learned as a former undercover officer, Michelle takes ever-increasing risks as she follows a trail of clues into the criminal underworld she previously escaped from, where vice and extortion had the power to reach to the top of the political establishment.

Six Four - Vinette Robinson
Six Four starts streaming on 30th March on ITVX

While Chris and Michelle do everything they can to get to the truth, the daughter of the Justice Minister is suddenly kidnapped, just as the minister is on the cusp of achieving a political election victory. The kidnap has unnerving similarities to the Mackie case. Is the past repeating itself, or is the explosive truth of what really happened to Julie Mackie about to be revealed?

Six Four is made by House Productions (which is wholly owned by BBC Studios). Gregory Burke (Black Watch) adapts the tale and Ben A. Williams (Sherwood, Baghdad Central) directs.

A four-part “event drama”, the show comes to ITVX on Thursday, March 30th 2023.