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Star Wars: Andor – Gabriel Luna nails down the show’s timeline (updated)

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For the avoidance of doubt, Andor‘s star explains exactly where the series fits into the Star Wars universe. 

(Updated 20/09/22): Disney+ double down on Andor‘s place in the chronology.

With the premiere of the latest Star Wars streaming show just around the corner, there’s another new trailer for the show. Could it be that the show’s position as the prequel series to a prequel movie is causing them some concern?

This latest “Special Look” promo is more specific than ever, using footage from both A New Hope and Rogue One to emphasise Andor‘s place in the saga. In fact, over two minutes of the two minutes and 30 seconds are drawn from those movies before we shift to a “Five Years Earlier” title card…

We do see a few thrilling moments from the show however, albeit interspersed with a traditional movie trailer voice over.

Meanwhile, showrunner Tony Gilroy has emphasised to IGN that pleasing the fans hasn’t been a goal for Andor, but rather quite the opposite:

“We didn’t want to do anything that was fan service. We never wanted to have anything… the mandate in the very beginning was that it would be as absolutely non-cynical as it could possibly be, that the show would just be real and honest.”

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Elsewhere, he’s confirmed that we’re unlikely to see the show’s second (and final) series until 2024. He told The Wrap:

“I have two more years to go. We start shooting in November on Part 2. And I don’t know if … Our past pattern was two years, but I mean, I’ll be on … We’ll shoot from November to August. And then our post[-production] last time was about a year.”

Andor begins with a triple-episode premiere on Wednesday 21st September on Disney+.

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Star Wars: Andor – Gabriel Luna nails down the show’s timeline

For the avoidance of doubt, Andor‘s star explains exactly where the series fits into the Star Wars universe. 

For those who haven’t been avidly following every twist and turn of Andors production, we imagine it might be a bit of a head scratcher. Indeed, we’ve found ourselves nailing down the Star Wars timeline to CultBox senior on more than one occasion.

For the uninitiated, Andor begins five years before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That movie itself was a direct prequel to the original Star Wars (1977) aka Episode IV or A New Hope; it told the story of how the vital Death Star plans, and its devastating technical flaw, got into the hands of the Rebellion.

Andor jumps towards Rogue One

The show, which we know is commissioned for a second series, has quite an unusual structure. The first series plays out over a year (at A New Hope -5); the second will jumps in increments towards Rogue One. Showrunner Tony Gilroy explains the mechanics here.

Star Gabriel Luna has been talking to The Hollywood Reporter about this, addressing Season Two’s time jumps:

“I think it’s perfect. It’s lovely. It’s almost like four different movies [via four three-episode blocks]. Three episodes will be a very strong block to explore a year, another year, and then another year and another year. There is also space in between each block where time passes, so we’re allowed to evolve and transform. But I think that’s part of season one, too.”

He also talks to the show’s tone, different to the Mandalorian-era shows we’ve seen so far and potentially turning established fan wisdom on its head:

“We’re going to challenge every idea you have, or every answer you came up with, for why or how things happened and why this character did what he did… We’re going to challenge that, and we’re going to come to you and say, ‘No, listen, things were not the way you imagined. They were this way. This had to happen for someone to become the person you know.’”

Star Wars: Andor premieres with three episodes on September 21st, subsequent instalments follow weekly on Wednesdays, on Disney+.

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