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The Boys will end with Series 5

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As the fourth run of the diabolically superpowered drama hits, there’s confirmation that Series 5 will be the last of The Boys

Fun, furious and filthy, Prime Video’s superpowered drama The Boys returns to Prime Video today.

The show’s fourth series promises a well-timed election storyline, as the villainous Vought Industries supports the nefarious Senator Victoria Neuman in her political ambitions.

The Boys Season 4 -Homelander poster

However, showrunner Eric Kripke has taken the opportunity to confirm that the subsequent, already commissioned Series 5 will draw the show to a close.

In a social media post this week, showing the image of a blacked out final page of season 4 script, Kripke says ending the show with season 5 was always his plan. Apparently, he was just waiting on the “final OK from Vought.”

A Variety interview takes the story further, as he confirms that this timescale has been in motion for a while:

“I would say near the beginning of writing Season 3, so years — years and years. And it took a minute for Amazon to agree, it took another minute to get them to clear it in all the channels so that we could finally announce it.”

The Voughtverse beyond The Boys Series 5

It’s hardly the end for the Voughtverse though. The college-aged spin-off Gen V is gearing up for a second season, albeit sadly without actor Chance Perdomo. The British-American actor, who played the magnetic Andre Anderson, died in a motorcycle accident last March.

Plus, there’s talk of a Mexico set show and another spinoff yet to be announced.

The eight-episode Season 4 of The Boys launches today, Thursday, 13th June, with three episodes.

We’ll keep you posted on The Boys Series 5 and all things Vought.