The Boys

The Boys will end with Series 5

As the fourth run of the diabolically superpowered drama hits, there’s confirmation that Series 5 will be the last of The Boys.  Fun, furious and filthy, Prime Video’s superpowered drama The Boys returns to Prime Video today. The show’s fourth series promises a well-timed election storyline, as the villainous Vought Industries supports the nefarious Senator … >

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Gen V

Gen V season 2 – ‘The Boys’ spinoff lands a swift recommission

Buckle up! Gen V is already confirmed for a second season of antics at the Godolphin University.  Gen V, the college aged expansion of the Voughtverse, landed on September 29th with a triple premiere. Now, with the show’s eight-part first season still rolling out, Prime Video have confirmed that the show’s young heroes are coming back … >

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The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 4 announces new cast members

Is anyone else getting Damian Thorn vibes from Homelander’s son?  With the success of Prime Video’s The Boys‘ Season 3 launch prompting a rapid recommission, we’ve been watching for news of the production kicking into gear. That begun to arrive now, with casting details for the new run emerging via Variety. Naturally, Season 3 spoilers … >

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The Boys Dawn of the Seven

The Boys’ young supes spin-off gains a title: Gen V

“It’s f**ked up, you’re going to like it!”  This one has been in gestation for a while, but the upcoming live-action spin-off of The Boys now has a name. Previously dubbed “Young Supes”, the show will go by the moniker Gen V – taking its name from Compound V, the substance which grants characters their … >

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More spin-offs for The Boys?

The Vought Cinematic Universe plots global televisual domination!  The Boys, the full-bloodied superhero series, is due to land its third season on Prime Video this June. The franchise already boasts an animated spin-off, as well as a college-aged “young supes” show in production, but it seems that the Vought Cinematic Universe may have further spin-offs … >

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The Boys Presents: Diabolical – animated spin-off first look & date (updated)

Unseen stories from Andy Samberg, Seth Rogen and Awkwafina are landing soon.  Update 02/02/22 As we get closer to the launch of Diabolical, Prime Video have dropped a teaser to announces some of vocal talent involved. As ever, its an in-universe piece – for ‘Vought-A-Burger’ – and  in keeping with the show’s, ahem, more mature … >

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Diabolical – The Boys universe gets an animated spin-off

The eight-part anthology series will come to Prime Video in 2022.  In an surprise announcement made by star Karl Urban during CCXP Worlds, it was confirmed that The Boys is getting a surprise animated spin-off. Diabolical promises to reveal unseen stories within The Boys universe, brought to life by some very big names; Awkwafina, Seth Rogen and … >

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