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Picard final trailer promises an action heavy Season 3

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“We fight or we die!” 

With the third and (apparently final) season of Picard landing mid-February, the show has dropped a final trailer. The 2 minute, 45 second promo dropped during an NFL playoff game on the American CBS network.

In it, we’re granted a look at the Captain of the U.S.S. Titan played by Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys), a man clearly not expecting the trouble Admiral Picard is about to bring to his door. Indeed, it’s through a comic scene with him that we enjoy brief scenes from the all-action season to come.

“Those were the days.”

Beyond the comic notes, the trailer presages an impending darkness threatening the Federation; Beverly Crusher implores her former captain to “trust no one!” Frankly, we can’t wait!

Whether it’s truly the end for this generation of Star Trek remains open to question. This final season of Picard has been designed to honour the legacy of the 1980s/90s/00s shows, but reports suggest the cast are keen to do more. However, as reported by GamesRadar, executive producer Terry Matalas has hinted that not all of our heroes will survive the season, In a recent SFX Magazine feature, responding to the cast’s calls for another movie outing, he said:

“I think there are ways of seeing these characters again, in a kind of Next, Next Generation story. Not all these characters – I’m not gonna say they all necessarily make it out safely of season three.”

However, he also added:

“But I will say that in science fiction, there are always ways of seeing people again. So of course, who wouldn’t want to do this forever?”

New poster

The trailer also came with another handsome poster for the season, similar to the one released in January.

Picard Season 3 second poster

The new image adds Todd Stashwick (Downton Abbey, Outlander) to the line-up. A series regular, hence his spot on the poster, he plays a medic who assists Beverly Crusher in her mission to assist worlds Starfleet has forgotten.

Picard Season 3 reunites most of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast; Patrick Stewart is joined by Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis. Additionally, Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd continue on from the previous season.

In terms of foes, Brent Spiner reprises his role as Data’s “brother” Lore, with Holodeck foe Moriarty (Daniel Davis) also in the mix. However, they both appear to be sideshows to the principal villain Vadic, played by Amanda Plummer.

Picard returns on February 16th, 2023 for a 10 episode season, dropping weekly.

In the UK and internationally, the show streams on Prime Video. Paramount+ has the show in the US, while in Canada it’s on Crave.