Star Trek teaser trailers

A brace of Star Trek teaser trailers from Amazon Prime

There’s a new pair of Star Trek teaser trailers to enjoy, thanks to Amazon Prime First is the teaser for Star Trek: Picard season 2. Patrick Stewart narrates as the camera pans around what appears to be his chateau. The voiceover tells us: “The true final frontier is time…” While the viewer ponders, the focus moves … >

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Legion: the lack of Professor X is “not a rights issue”

Noah Hawley, the creator and showrunner of Fox’s mind-melting Legion TV series, has spoken about the lack of Professor X in this X-Men-adjacent show. Fans of the comics will know that Dan Stevens’ David Haller is the son of Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men, who is portrayed on film by Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy. There … >

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10 British acting legends we’d love to guest star in ‘Doctor Who’

With filming on Doctor Who‘s new season underway in Cardiff, news of upcoming guest stars is now starting to emerge. Considering that the show has atttracted such dramatic heavyweights as Michael Gambon, Derek Jacobi, Diana Rigg, Ian McKellen, Timothy Dalton, Penelope Wilton, Simon Callow, Richard E. Grant, Anne Reid, Bill Nighy and John Hurt in … >

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