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Star Wars: Visions 2 – trailer and cast announced

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The animated anthology series returns with a difference – Star Wars Visions 2 has an international flavour. 

A number of exciting pieces of Star Wars news dropped at last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 in London. However, the show arriving imminently is the second run of Star Wars: Visions.

The animated anthology series, which launched with an anime themed first season in 2021 is back on “Star Wars Day” – May the 4th 2023.

Star Wars Visions 2 poster

However, this time the net is cast wider with international studios contributing films in a variety of animation styles. The season includes shorts from Spain, Ireland, Chile, South Korea, France, India, South Africa, Japan & United States. The United Kingdom is also represented thanks to Bristol’s finest, Aardman.

Cast lists have been revealed for the nine films, with a few impressive names on the list. Screen icon Anjelica Houston voices the Sith Mother in ‘Screecher’s Reach’, while Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones) plays an officer for ‘In The Stars’. Daveed Diggs (Hamilton) voices Crux in ‘The Pit’, while Daniel Dae Kim is Bichan in the English language version of ‘Journey to the Dark Head.’

Star Wars Visions 2 - I Am Your Mother

However, the Aardman contribution ‘I Am Your Mother’ provides the most eye-catching name – Star Wars original trilogy actor Denis Lawson will reprise his role as the rebel pilot Wedge Antilles. He’s joined by Maxine Peake (Rules of the Game) and Daisy Haggard (Breeders) too.

For the full rundown, check out the full cast list on the official Star Wars site.

Here’s the trailer for Star Wars: Visions 2:

Star Wars: Visions 2 lands on Disney+ on “Star Wars Day” – May the 4th, 2023.