The CultBox Podcast Roundup – November 2023

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Here’s our November 2023 Podcast Roundup – our favourites from the worlds of CultBox. 

In no particular order, the picks this month are…

The Official Doctor Who Podcast – 60th Anniversary Special 1 ‘The Star Beast’

The Official Doctor Who Podcast logo

Doctor Who‘s 60th Anniversary comes with a shiny new podcast, hosted by Juno Dawson, Christel Dee and Tyrell Charles. The trio chew over the latest Doctor Who episode but, as part of the show’s official output, it’s basically just reactions rather than any attempt at analysis.

This first edition makes our list for its novelty value, but the Doctor Who podcast universe is crowded! One thing this podcast has on its side are contributions from the mighty Russell T Davies!

The Bunker – The Politics of Doctor Who Explained from Nazi Daleks to Lefty Time Lords and beyond

Novelist and Big Finish writer Jenny Colgan guests, but the whole Podmasters panel reveal a remarkably deep knowledge of the series. With numerous reaches back to the history of the show, they discuss how the notion of Doctor Who recently going “woke” is a bit of a nonsense.

That Gaby Roslin Podcast – Ruth Madeley

That Gaby Roslin Podcast logo

Gaby meets another Doctor Who guest as she talks to Ruth Madeley, who’s just debuted as UNIT’s Scientific Adviser Shirley Anne Bingham in ‘The Star Beast’. It’s another positive, life-affirming chat which takes in Madeley’s long association with Whizz Kids and working with RTD on the prescient Years and Years.

The News Agents – Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman appears on a special edition of Global’s daily politics show to talk about preventing domestic abuse, as well as how her life has been and is impacted by fame. The interview takes in the paparazzi, The Crown and how people with camera phones are, frankly, rather rude!

Kermode and Mayo’s Take – Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker speaks to Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode about her new Australian drama series One Night for Paramount+. She also reflects on her time on Doctor Who in the warmest terms. One Night then gets a well-considered review from Kermode.

The podcast also looks at Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, reviewing the film and speaking to its stars Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby.

Out To Lunch with Ade Edmonson – Anna Maxwell Martin

Ade Edmonson enjoys thoroughly gigglesome lunch with Anna Maxwell Martin – she’s a hoot! Edmonson prompts some great anecdotes, taking in her roles on Motherland and Line of Duty. Plus, being told off on the set of Doctor Who when filming with Simon Pegg.

Table Manners S16 Ep 4: Matt Lucas

able Manners podcast

Matt Lucas dines with Jessie and Lennie Ware, and talks about his happy upbringing, supertasters, home made chicken soup and more. There’s also chat about his new musical novel The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas.

Brydon & Michael Palin

Bryon & podcast

Rob Brydon chats to the Monty Python and global traveller Sir Michael Palin. It’s a fascinating listen, taking in that first Around the World in 80 Days series, his new book Great Uncle Harry, and behind the scenes of the Python reunion shows in 2014.

They also speak about the death of Michael’s wife, and his adjustment to life without her.

Film Stories with Simon Brew

Film Stories Podcast logo

This month, Simon Brew dug into the fascinating stories behind Top Gun: Maverick, Greatest Days, Batman Returns, Backdraft, Cop Land, Junior, Election and Sliding Doors.

He also enjoyed a fascinating In Conversation with… chat with Walt Disney Animation Chief Creative Officer Jennifer Lee. As well as being one of the writers behind Wish, she also wrote Wreck-It Ralph and wrote and co-directed both Frozen movies too.

So, happy listening… and do let us know if you have any recommendations too.