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The CultBox Podcast Roundup – June 2023

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Hailing frequencies open, here’s our June 2023 Podcast Roundup – our favourites from the worlds of CultBox. 

Our picks this month, in no particular order, are…

We Can Be Weirdos Ep 6 – The Ghostbuster: Dan Aykroyd and his Close Encounters

We Can Be Weirdos podcast logo

Presenter Dan Schreiber (of No Such Thing As A Fish) talks to the comedy legend Dan Aykroyd talks about Ghostbusters, quality vodka, crystal skulls and so much more!

Eating the Fantastic Episode 200 – J. Michael Straczynski

Eating The Fantastic podcast logo

Scott Edleman discusses the differences between DC and Marvel, his love for Superman, the early writing advice the Babylon 5 creator he received from Rod Sterling of The Twilight Zone.

Who Corner To Corner Ep 93 – Doctor Who Interview: Phil Ford

Who Corner To Corner podcast logo

Phil Ford joins the show to discuss his novelisation of Doctor Who: ‘The Waters of Mars‘. The chat covers his writing career inside and outside of the Whoniverse, as well as Wizards vs Aliens, and there’s a shared love of Arnie.

Also, this month, there’s a chat with writer Keith Temple about his Target Book novelisation of ‘Planet of the Ood’ too.

Snowcast Ep 18 – David Harewood: Acting, storytelling and eloquent activism

Snowcast podcast logo

Another cracking interview from Jon Snow as he talks to David Harewood. The conversation takes us from an early school role as Martin Luther King to his American career. Plus, there’s discussion of his eye-opening documentaries too.

Full Disclosure with James O’Brien S2, Ep 141 – Dexter Fletcher 

Full Disclosure podcast logo

James O’Brien chats thorough Dexter Fletcher’s life and career, including Press Gang, Hotel Babylon and his more recent move into directing. You can’t help but warm to the man.

Cry Havoc! (Ask Questions Later)

Cry Havoc! Ash Questions Later podcast logo

There’s an entertaining new historical comedy from David K. Barnes, the creator of the brilliant Wooden Overcoats. A world away from Piffling, Cry Havoc! (Ask Questions Later) is a roman comedy which takes place after the murder of Julius Caesar.

The Doctor Who Show – INTERVIEW: Pull To Open

The Doctor Who Show podcast artwork

Our favourite Aussie Doctor Who podcast talks to Paul Hayes about Pull To Open: 1962 – 63: The Inside Story of how the BBC Created and Launched Doctor Who.

Additionally, the regular monthly show discusses the relative merits of writer Mark Gatiss’ nine script contributions to the series.

Back To One Ep 258 – Jon Hamm

Host Peter Rinaldi enjoys an all-too-brief talk with the star promoting his new movie Maggie Moore(s), directed by his Mad Men co-star John Slattery. Warning, this interview may trigger a Mad Men rewatch!

Real Dictators S5, Ep 94 – Manuel Noriega

Real Dictators podcast logo

The excellent Real Dictators returns, after a short break, to tell the story of Panama’s Manuel Noriega. In the first of three parts, narrator Paul McGann began the story of the boy who overcame his humble beginning and inexorably rose to power.

Loose Ends – Christopher Eccleston interviews Patterson Joseph

Loose Ends podcast logo

On 11th June, Clive Anderson and guests discussed an eclectic mix of topics. However, our attention was caught by co-host Christopher Eccleston who interviewed Patterson Joseph about his new novel The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho. The historical fiction is based on the real-life Sancho – a British abolitionist, writer and composer. He is also believed to be the first British African to have voted in Britain.

Film Stories with Simon Brew

Film Stories Podcast logo

This month, Simon Brew looked at the Film Stories behind Barbarian, Superbad, I, Robot, For Love of the Game, Spider-Man 2 and The Menu. Plus, there’s an episode looking at two rival White-House-under-attack movies: Olympus Has Fallen & White House Down.

So, happy listening… and do let us know if you have any recommendations too.