The CultBox Podcast Roundup – October 2023

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Here’s our October 2023 Podcast Roundup – our favourites from the worlds of CultBox. 

In no particular order, the picks this month are…

Out To Lunch with Ade Edmonson – Jim Howick

Out to Lunch has a new host, with the emphasis shifting slightly from the food to the comic chat with the endearingly demented Ade Edmonson. However, it’s still an terribly way to get the subject talking!

Jim Howick, of Horrible Histories, Sex Education, Ghosts and more, chats freely about his work. He also turns the tables, as an avowed Bottom fan, and has Edmonson reminiscing about the show, as well as his time on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Other episodes this month include chats with Daisy Haggard, who Edmonson worked with on Back To Life, rock star Chrissie Hynde and writer Ian Rankin.

Who Corner to Corner: Peter Anghelides & Simon Guerrier

Who Corner To Corner podcast logo

Writers Peter Anghelides & Simon Guerrier joined the podcast to talk about their latest Doctor Who book, The Daily Doctor. With both interviewees having a wealth of experience, there’s plenty of chat about the genesis of the project and the writing process.

Other projects are discussed too, such as Big Finish work and Simon Guerrier’s forthcoming book about David Whitaker, as well as his contributions to Whotopia.

The Doctor Who Show – Alternate Galaxies: Ahsoka Season 1

The gents from The Doctor Who Show take a detour into the Star Wars universe to deliver some tough love to Ahsoka.

Meanwhile, the podcast’s flagship show thoroughly enjoyed Jon Pertwee’s second run as the Time Lord with a resounding thumbs up for Season 8.

I’ll Explain Later: a Doctor Who podcast

I'll Explain Later podcast logo

The triumphant third season of I’ll Explain Later concluded with more discussions of classic and modern Doctor Who. The final two episodes paired The Robots of Death with the 1990’s Pertwee radio story The Paradise of Death, followed by Genesis of the Daleks, with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar.

While we don’t always agree with their opinions, the discussions are entertainingly frank and refreshing. Also, we loved the notion of ChatGPertwee. Let’s hope a season 4 rattles around in short order.

Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did S6, Ep 3 – Nigel Planer

Celebrity Catch Up Podcast logo

Nigel Planer joins host Genevieve Hassan on the award winning nostalgia podcast to talk about The Young Ones, his wider career and his activism.

There’s also talk of his novel Jeremiah Bourne in Time, the first in a new time-travelling trilogy.

Film Stories with Simon Brew

Film Stories Podcast logo

This month, Simon Brew dug into the remarkable stories behind The Shape of Water, A Monster Calls, Inception, Sightseers, No Way Out, Bull Durham, Knives Out, About A Boy, The Incredible Hulk (2008) and Life.

So, happy listening… and do let us know if you have any recommendations too.