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Created by Kay Mellor (The Syndicate, Band of Gold, Fat Friends), BBC One’s baby drama In the Club is back for a second season.

The six new episodes will feature “more secrets, heartbreak, comedy and pathos”.

New characters in Season 2 will include Shelly (Gemma Dobson), a pregnant surrogate who has rented out her womb to gay partners Andrew (Andrew Buckley, Shameless) and Nathan (Paul Nicholls, The C Word).

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Episode 1

Tuesday 3 May 2016, 9pm

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Ten months on from the first series, child-minder Diane, schoolgirl Rosie, stay-at-home mum Jasmin, businesswoman Roanna, midwife Vicky and blog-writer Kim are stumbling into the realities of parenthood together.

Following the birth of baby Emily, bisexual Kim is trying to be the perfect mum. But with a nonexistent love life and the shadow of her ex-lover Susie never far away, her relationship with Neil comes under jeopardy. As Kim prepares to be Godmother at Rosie’s baby’s christening she’s nervous to see Susie for the first time since they split. But there’s something Neil’s not telling her and there’s a shock in store for Kim.

Jasmin and Dev’s overbearing mothers have moved in with them and refuse to go home, but when a visit to hospital reveals devastating news this becomes the least of their worries.

When surrogate Shelly comes in for a routine check-up her mum Maxine makes a surprise discovery and the maternity ward is thrown into chaos. Elsewhere Diane visits Rick in prison, as his release date draws near.


Episode 2

Tuesday 10 May 2016, 9pm

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After walking away from her high-flying career with her ex-husband Ray, Roanna is struggling to find a new job. With money running out and the rented cottage falling apart around them, the reality of her choices starts to become all too real for her and she reluctantly turns to Ray for help.

Worried what Simon will say, she tries to keep it a secret, but she’s already got more than one skeleton in her closet and it’s only a matter of time before they all come spilling out. Rick’s release date is finally here and an anxious Diane prepares to welcome him home. But after he’s been away for so long, will he still have a place in a home that’s used to being without him?

Vicky tries to juggle baby Ben and her full time job, but when she gets caught up in work, things goes terribly wrong with disastrous consequences for Vicky.

Meanwhile Jasmin and Dev have to make the biggest decision of their lives.


Episode 3

Tuesday 17 May 2016, 9pm

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With Diane worried about baby Hope’s development, Rick offers to hold the fort while she takes Hope to her assessment. But when Rick is left on his own with a house full of babies things go terribly wrong – and the future for Diane and Rick is thrown into question.

It’s payday for Shelly, as she goes into labour and finds herself faced with the reality of what she’s signed up for. When an excited Andrew and Nathan arrive it’s chaos in the delivery room, and with the arrival of their son fast approaching, all eyes are on Shelly – will she be able to hand over her baby?

Meanwhile an anxious Jasmin and Dev head to the hospital to find out if the laser procedure has worked. But Jasmin’s not felt any movement from the twins for the past few days… will there still be two heartbeats?


Episode 4

Tuesday 24 May 2016, 9pm

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With Shelly keeping baby Sebastian with her on the ward overnight, an anxious Andrew and Nathan prepare to bring him home again. Andrew’s convinced something’s going to go wrong and that Shelly will change her mind, while Nathan struggles to keep him calm. But neither of them is prepared for the shock of what is waiting for them at the hospital.

Maxine’s day is thrown into chaos when she gets a call from her husband Micky, saying he’s on his way home. As she rushes to get everything ready for his return, there’s something urgent pressing on her mind – and she turns to a torn Shelly for help.

Things get increasingly complicated for Roanna as she and Ray continue to meet in secret. As their affair gets more serious, it’s only a matter of time before someone finds out.

Meanwhile it’s the twins’ first birthday. Diane and Rick throw a party for all their friends, and Vicky struggles to cope after finding out she’s been suspended from work.


Episode 5

Tuesday 31 May 2016, 9pm

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It’s the day of the Coroner’s hearing, and a nervous Vicky prepares to find out her fate: will she be found responsible for the death of one of her birthing mothers? As the witnesses take the stand and her actions that day come under scrutiny, things don’t look good for Vicky – and her friends fear the worst.

Roanna is horrified at seeing Simon and her daughter Katie together, and she turns to Kim for advice. But when Ray tells her that Katie didn’t come home last night, Roanna’s worst nightmares come true – and her secrets and lies come tumbling out with devastating results.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Nathan struggle with the realities of parenthood and call on Maxine and Shelly for help. But as Maxine becomes more and more besotted with her new grandson, will they get more than they bargained for?

Rick’s struggling to get a job with his criminal record, but there’s good news about to be delivered. Diane tries to get her licence back, but is she prepared to pay the price the authorities are asking for?


Episode 6

Tuesday 7 June 2016, 9pm

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Following Jasmin’s false labour, she and Dev are busy preparing for their daughter Amber’s Hindu naming ceremony that afternoon.

When Vicky arrives to check on the twins, their plans are thrown into chaos as Jasmin is rushed into hospital. With the twins’ lives in jeopardy and the clock ticking for the naming ceremony to begin, Dev finds himself torn between his wife and the overbearing mothers. But with everything they’ve been through, will both of the twins be ok?

Meanwhile a heartbroken Roanna has to face the consequences of her actions when she visits Jonathan in hospital.

With Kim’s maternity leave over she has to return to work, but struggles to leave baby Emily at nursery for the first time. When she and Neil arrive to pick up Rosie and Jude for the naming ceremony, they’re shocked to discover all is not well with Rosie. Nathan and Maxine clash over taking care of baby Sebastian and a medical emergency causes panic for the lads.

Diane makes a decision over her future.


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