Doctor Who: Return of the Cybermen cover art

Return of the Cybermen – Doctor Who The Lost Stories 6.1 audio review

Return of the Cybermen is the latest of Big Finish’s Doctor Who Lost Stories. While most such tales derive from commissioned storylines that went no further, or ultimately rejected scripts, this is something different. Written for Tom Baker’s first season, the production team of the day felt that the script by Gerry Davis (Cyberman co-creator … >

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Audio Review: Doctor Who Short Trips 9.8 – #HarrySullivan

The latest Short Trip, a satire on celebrity culture, features the popular line-up of the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry. Created in anticipation of the casting of an older Doctor, Harry Sullivan was UNIT’s Medical Officer. A good, old fashioned British gent, he was often the butt of the Doctor’s jokes, and occasional ire, and … >

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Doctor Who: Scratchman, a novel by Tom Baker

Scratchman, the novelization of a script for a Doctor Who story intended for the big screen is available for preorder for delivery on January 24, 2019. The novelisation was written by Tom Baker, an actor best known for his role as the fourth Doctor in Doctor Who from 1974-1981. Tom Baker describes his experience of writing … >

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