Fourth Doctor Adventures S9 Vol 1 cover art

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9 Volume 1 audio review

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9 Volume 1 returns us to Tom Baker’s final season on-screen. Set during the “E-Space trilogy”, it reunites the Doctor with Romana II, Adric and K9 for the first time on audio. Notwithstanding some interesting stories, and our favourite version of Tom’s outfit, we find this era of Doctor Who hard work. … >

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Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time review

Big Finish have been creating Doctor Who audio adventures for twenty years. During that time, they have worked with multiple Doctors, most of the companions and a whole host of popular characters and villains from the television series, as well as creating a universe of their own. As is traditional, this milestone is being celebrated … >

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Doctor Who Subterranea review

After last month’s ghostly goings on at Malkin Place, the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana (Lalla Ward) are back in space on a new planet, and in Jonathan Morris’s Subterranea, they are actually inside the planet’s crust. Packed with imagination, Jonathan Morris paints a world where the human inhabitants live inside so-called Drill-towns, desperate … >

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The Movellan Grave

Doctor Who: The Movellan Grave review (Big Finish Audio)

In The Movellan Grave, writer Andrew Smith makes light work of fitting an entire four-part 1970s style story into a single disc release for the Big Finish Fourth Doctor Adventures range. Starring Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor, and Lalla Ward as the second Romana, this time our heroes are up against the Movellans. If … >

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‘Doctor Who’ audio story review: ‘The Fourth Doctor – Big Finish Novel Adaptations Vol. 1’

Best known for his contributions for the modern Doctors on screen, Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts contributed this pair of ‘Missing Adventures’ to the Virgin book range in the mid-nineties. Adapted for audio by John Dorney, both stories both pair Tom Baker’s Doctor with Lalla Ward’s Romana II and K-9, the first time this line-up … >

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