Sontarans vs Rutans

Sontarans vs Rutans celebratory audio dramas announced (updated)

It’s the potato-headed Sontaran clone army vs the shape-changing jellyfish Rutan Host as Doctor Who celebrates fifty years of conflict.  Updated 12/02/24: Big Finish release the trailer for ‘Born to Die’ Ahead of its March release, the trailer has landed for Sontarans vs Rutans: Born to Die. Written by Tiegan Byrne, the story features Colin … >

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Doctor Who's Omega from 'The Three Doctors'

The Box of Terrors – Doctor Who audio novel review

Big Finish celebrate Doctor Who‘s 60th Anniversary with the story of an impossible meeting between Omega, two Doctors… and two versions of Sarah Jane Smith!  While audio producers Big Finish were frenetically degenerating Doctors in the monthly-released saga Once and Future, the show’s 60th Anniversary itself saw the release of a more traditional multi-Doctor tale. … >

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Doctor Who: Doom's Day

Doctor Who Doom’s Day: Dying Hours audio drama details revealed

Doom encounters the Eighth Doctor and Charley, the Silence and Jackie Tyler on Big Finish.  The multi-platform Doctor Who adventure Doom’s Day comes enjoys its audio drama component in September. Doom’s Day follows a time travelling assassin, played by Sooz Kempner, through twenty-four hours. The story plays out across prose, audio, comic strip and games. … >

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Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon Vol 3 - Trapped cover artwork crop

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon – cover and story details for Trapped

For her third series of solo adventures, Rose finds herself trapped in an alternate reality.  During Doctor Who‘s 2008 series, viewers were aware of Rose Tyler’s efforts to reunite with the Doctor. Using a “dimension cannon”, she trekked through alternate realties to warn him of the impending threat of Davros and the Daleks’ reality ending … >

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Alex Kingston as River Song

River Song to meet Jackie Tyler as her solo audio series concludes

Professor River Song will open her diary for a twelfth and final volume of adventures: The Orphan Quartet.  Ever since her last onscreen appearance as the time-travelling archaeologist, Alex Kingston has been reprising the character for her own audio spin-off. Across eight glorious years of audio adventures, Professor Song has met multiple Doctors, Masters and … >

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Rani Takes on the World: Beyond Bannerman Road cover art crop

Rani Takes on the World: Beyond Bannerman Road audio review

Rani and Clyde, two of the young leads from The Sarah Jane Adventures (SJA), return to continue their mentor’s good work in Beyond Bannerman Road.  It’s been more than a decade since The Sarah Jane Adventures concluded. The Doctor Who spin-off, aimed at younger end of the show’s demographic, was built around Elisabeth Sladen who … >

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