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Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon – cover and story details for Trapped

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For her third series of solo adventures, Rose finds herself trapped in an alternate reality. 

During Doctor Who‘s 2008 series, viewers were aware of Rose Tyler’s efforts to reunite with the Doctor. Using a “dimension cannon”, she trekked through alternate realties to warn him of the impending threat of Davros and the Daleks’ reality ending plans – memorably encountering Donna in ‘Turn Left’.

In 2019, Big Finish picked up the baton to tell the tale of those reality bending travels on audio in Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon.

Now the series reaches its third volume and the producers have just released the cover and story details for Trapped. In the latest box set, Camille Coduri again reprises her role as the indomitable Jackie Tyler and Rose meets a new ally Danni (Em Thane).

After a disastrous dimension jump, Rose is trapped in a strange and dangerous reality.
Rose’s mission is to save the multiverse, but first she must save herself!

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon Vol 3 - Trapped cover artwork

The three stories in Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon – Trapped are:

‘Sink or Swim’ by Lizzie Hopley

Rose is trapped and alone, at sea in an unfamiliar world, where a strange entropy eats away at those struggling to survive. But she finds family, and hope, as she starts her quest to escape…

‘The Lower Road’ by Tim Foley

Trekking the wastelands, Rose and Danni discover a community that seems to have made peace with the Anti-Life. But all groups have their secrets, and bargains come at a price.

‘The Good Samaritan’ by Helen Goldwyn

Trying to repair her Dimension Cannon, Rose seeks out the last haven of technology on this Earth. But the utopia of the Dome hides a more desperate situation – and a storm of Anti-Life is closing in… 

Billie Piper

Billie Piper © Tony Whitmore

Billie Piper said:

“It’s exciting to record The Dimension Cannon and play the part again but it’s even more thrilling when the fans learn about it, listen to it and then discuss it with me when I meet them at conventions. It doesn’t feel over. Rose Tyler has more life in her yet.”

Producer Emily Cook added:

“While The Dimension Cannon – Other Worlds followed pretty much the same format as the first volume (i.e. each episode took Rose and co. to a different parallel Earth), we wanted to mix things up with volume three and do something a little different. We ended Other Worlds on a cliffhanger – what happened to Rose? – and in Trapped we pick up straight after that.

“Wherever Rose went she’s now trapped there for the duration of this series… and this reality is stranger and more dangerous than anywhere she’s been before. This series is essentially Rose’s quest to get herself back so she can find the Doctor.”

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon – Trapped is available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD box set (+ download), or download only from Big Finish. The box set is released in September 2023.