70s Doctor Who book audio vinyl created for Record Store Day

Stories and features from the celebrated book THE AMAZING WORLD OF DOCTOR WHO have been brought to life exclusively for Record Store Day, 22 April 2023. Begun in 2008, Record Store Day is an annual celebration of record store culture. Special vinyl releases, live events and performances are planned. With new sound design and familiar … >

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Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Angels and Demons cover art crop

The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Tom Baker meets Ronald Pickup

Thanks to the vagaries of time travel (and early recording), the late actor appears in the Fourth Doctor’s next box set of audio adventures. Big Finish have dropped details of 2023’s second box set of The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Angels and Demons. In it, Tom Baker’s Doctor, with Leela (Louise Jameson) and new companion Margaret … >

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Doctor Who - The Eighth of March: Strange Chemistry cover art crop

Caitlin Blackwood returns as Amelia Pond for Big Finish (updated)

A teenage Amelia encounters Missy and Leela meets Marie Curie in a new audio drama boxset for International Women’s Day – The Eighth of March: Strange Chemistry.  Updated 05/03/23: Ahead of the box set’s release this week, there’s now a trailer abroad. It gives us a first chance to hear Catlin Blackwood as the teenage … >

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‘The Making of Doctor Who’ audio edition

The Making of Doctor Who, a non-fiction work by script editor Terrance Dicks and screenwriter and novelist Malcolm Hulke first published in paperback in 1972, will be available as an audio edition in early summer. The 1972 edition was principally written by Hulke for Piccalo Books. A second 1976 edition was rewritten by Dicks in … >

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Doctor Who Magazine 587 cover commemorates Chris Boucher

The cover of Doctor Who Magazine 587 features a Voc from The Robots of Death as a tribute to screenwriter Chris Boucher who died in December 2022. The magazine features a tribute to Boucher titled Tesh and Blood which includes contributions from producer Philip Hinchcliffe and actress Louise Jameson, who played Leela. Boucher was responsible … >

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Torchwood Double Part 2 cover art crop

Torchwood: Double Part 2 audio review

The 1970’s iteration of Torchwood continues as Roberta Craven handles the Nestene threat in her own idiosyncratic way.   In the first part of Torchwood: Double we met the organisation’s 1970s boss, Roberta Craven. A former spy with bags of attitude, she carries a burden of guilt around from her former career. On top of … >

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Torchwood Double Part 1 cover art crop

Torchwood: Double Part 1 audio review

It’s another new era for Torchwood, as 1970s head Roberta Craven deals with an oily Auton threat Since landing on audio in 2015, Big Finish has been industriously filling out the Torchwood timeline past and future. However, the closest we’ve come to the 1970s is ‘The Dollhouse’, a one-off Charlie’s Angels inspired tale based in … >

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Doctor Who Unbound - Doctor of War 2 - Destiny cover art

Doctor of War: Destiny – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Colin Baker’s aberrant iteration of the War Doctor continues his battles in Doctor Who Unbound series.   In the first Doctor of War boxset, the Fourth Doctor went through with the fateful decision to touch a certain pair of wires together in a Skaro bunker. From that point, his personal chronology spun out in a different … >

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Gallifrey: War Room 1 – Allegiance audio review

War Room is the latest iteration of Gallifrey, chronicling the events of Doctor Who‘s Time War.  As the last boxset of Gallifrey: Time War wrapped up, it left our heroes in desperate straits. With the resurrected Rassilon dominant, in the form of the belligerent Richard Armitage, attempts at resistance crumbled. Romana was captured and consigned … >

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