The Omega Factor - Divinity - Big Finish

The Omega Factor: Divinity review

Suspected poltergeist activity in a small village outside Liverpool attracts the attention of Tom Crane and Anne Reynolds in this latest audiobook in Big Finish’s The Omega Factor series. It’s a classic setting for the team, and this is a story full of the signature elements that the show’s fans will expect. The drama of … >

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Doctor Who Shadow of the Sun cover

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Sun audio review

Big Finish recorded Shadow of the Sun entirely in lockdown, and released it as well — something for which they should be congratulated. It’s a Fourth Doctor tale, with Leela and K9 in the TARDIS as it lands on a luxury star-liner. For once the only threat is conversation over canapés and cocktails — what could … >

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ATA Girl 2

ATA Girl 2 audio drama review

Big Finish released ATA Girl 2 for International Women’s Day, giving listeners two more compelling stories about the Air Transport Auxillary (ATA). For those who don’t know, the ATA were a group of 168 women pilots who ferried aircraft around the UK during World War II. This adds to the much praised 2018 release ATA Girl … >

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Gallifrey: Time War 3 audio review

Set in a time when Doctor Who fans only had the Time War to worry about, Gallifrey: Time War 3 is now the eleventh set of stories in this range released over a period of sixteen years. Following events in previous boxset, our heroes Romana (Lalla Ward) and Narvin (Sean Carlsen) are now exiled from their home world … >

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Audio Review: Doctor Who Short Trips 9.8 – #HarrySullivan

The latest Short Trip, a satire on celebrity culture, features the popular line-up of the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry. Created in anticipation of the casting of an older Doctor, Harry Sullivan was UNIT’s Medical Officer. A good, old fashioned British gent, he was often the butt of the Doctor’s jokes, and occasional ire, and … >

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Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time review

Big Finish have been creating Doctor Who audio adventures for twenty years. During that time, they have worked with multiple Doctors, most of the companions and a whole host of popular characters and villains from the television series, as well as creating a universe of their own. As is traditional, this milestone is being celebrated … >

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The Omega Factor: Festival of Darkness review

Amidst the exuberant creativity and youthful enthusiasm of the 1979 Edinburgh Fringe Festival an undercurrent of malevolence threatens to engulf the work of one talented group of young performers. These highly motivated and impressively skilled youngsters are involved with a project that the head of Department 7, the controversial paranormal investigation unit, has given his … >

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The Four Doctors: Doctor Who actors to attend National Space Centre event

The National Space Centre in Leicester will host a weekend event, The Science of the Time Lords on January 26 and 27. Visitors can meet four actors who played the Doctor in Doctor Who on January 26; fifth doctor Peter Davison, sixth doctor Colin Baker, seventh doctor Sylvester McCoy and eighth doctor Paul McGann. Companion actresses Janet Fielding … >

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Big Finish: Shilling & Sixpence Investigate review

This latest entry in the expanding Big Finish Originals audio range presents the intriguing crime-solving capers of the amateur sleuthing duo Miss Lavinia Sixpence and Desmund Shilling, a suitably mismatched pair of investigators whose deductions usually outclass the efforts of local law enforcement to uncover the guilty parties.  Based on the long running series of … >

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