Doctor Who: Out of Time 1 cover art

Out of Time 1: Doctor Who audio review

Out of Time 1 is the first in a special series of multi-Doctor encounters. On this occasion, it brings together the Fourth and Tenth Doctors, grappling with the perennial threat of the Daleks. The tale begins with both Doctors taking some time out at the ‘Cathedral of Contemplation’. Built by a time-sensitive race and existing … >

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Doctor Who: Stranded 1 cover art

Doctor Who: Stranded 1 audio review

Doctor Who: Stranded 1 sees the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) facing a challenge like no other. In the wake of the epic Ravenous finale, having defeated The Eleven and multiple Masters, he must endure a truly alien environment: the Time Lord and his friends Liv (Nicola Walker) and Helen (Hattie Morahan) must live on their … >

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Donna Noble: Kidnapped! cover artwork

Donna Noble: Kidnapped! audio review

Donna Noble: Kidnapped! grants Doctor Who‘s Series Four leading lady the spotlight with her own box set of adventures. Set directly after the traumatic events of the Library two-parter, we find Donna back home in Chiswick with her mother, looking for some peace and quiet… Out of this World Seeking to raise Donna’s spirits, Sylvia … >

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Doctor Who: Ravenous 4 audio review

‘Ravenous 4’, the latest volume of Eighth Doctor adventures sees the culmination of the current storyline. Accompanied by Liv and Helen, plus his troublesome villain-turned-ally The Eleven, the Doctor has been battling the Ravenous, creatures with a voracious appetite for the Time Lords themselves. Whisper The Eleven is cured. The personalities of his former selves, … >

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Audio review: Torchwood One – Machines

Back for a second box set based at Torchwood One after the success of Before The Fall, we return for another trio of London based stories with Yvonne Hartman and Ianto Jones, before their world was so rudely interrupted by warring Daleks and Cybermen. With a looser theme than the previous set, these stories begin … >

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UNIT Cyber Reality boxset review

Six box sets in, and with Autons, Silurians and Sea Devils, The Silence, Daleks and Sontarans already faced, it was inevitable that Kate Stewart’s UNIT team would tackle the Cybermen at some point. Of course, they did so onscreen in Dark Water/Death In Heaven, but these stories are set earlier. Picking up on the story … >

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Big Finish’s ‘Survivors’ box set review: Season 4 is dark and powerful

Big Finish’s latest set of post-apocalyptic tales based on Terry Nation’s 1970s TV series Survivors takes the action forward two years after the plague, and finds yet more moral and ethical challenges for Greg Preston (Ian McCulloch) and Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming). As before this is aimed at an adult audience, and is as dark … >

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