Amy Beth Hayes (‘Mr Selfridge’) interview

Currently filming the new series of Mr Selfridge, Welsh actress Amy Beth Hayes recently exclusively chatted to CultBox about playing Kitty Hawkins in ITV’s period drama. Series 3 will air on ITV early next year and picks up the story in 1919 just after the end of World War I, with new cast members including … >

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‘Our Girl’ pics gallery: Lacey Turner’s army drama returns

A set of cast photos has been released for the new series of BBC One’s army drama, Our Girl. EastEnders actress Lacey Turner returns next month as East London girl Molly Dawes, now a soldier in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Written by Tony Grounds, the five-part series follows last year’s one-off single drama, which … >

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‘Misfits’ star joins cast of Channel 4’s STD comedy ‘Scrotal Recall’

Channel 4 has announced the cast for new sitcom Scrotal Recall. Written by Tom Edge (The Midnight Beast), the six-part series will star singer-songwriter Johnny Flynn, Misfits actress Antonia Thomas and Daniel Ings (Peep Show, Psychoville). Flynn will play Dylan Witter – “a hapless chap whose romantic conquests have landed him in a sticky situation”. Dylan … >

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‘The Musketeers’ pics gallery: Series 2 newcomers

The BBC has released a set of new photos from the set of The Musketeers‘ second series, including Marc Warren (Hustle) as the show’s new regular villain, plus guest stars Antonia Thomas (Misfits) and Colin Salmon (Die Another Day). Series 2 began filming in Prague in April. Colin Salmon is playing Tariq, “a mysterious interloper … >

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‘Misfits’ last ever episode review

It’s fascinating to see how a show treats its final ever episode. Some revel in nostalgia. Some look to the future. Some go big before they go home, while others try for a more intimate personal story to wrap things up.

In its final hour Misfits manages to tick almost off all of the above by reciting its greatest hits – time travel, violence, moving deaths, and enough crudity to fill a septic tank.

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