Torchwood: Curios cover

Torchwood: Curios review

The deliciously creepy Bilis Manger returns to the Torchwood fray in Curios, the latest release in the monthly audio range. This new adventure continues Big Finish’s efforts to explore interesting corners and unseen episodes in the Torchwood timeline, taking the opportunity to provide fresh perspectives on events that play out before or after known points … >

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Torchwood: Dead Man's Switch cover design

Torchwood: Dead Man’s Switch review

November’s monthly Torchwood story pulls the spotlight away from the main Hub crew to push the focus back in the direction of the malevolent, machiavellian manipulator Bilis Manger. Last heard of in the deliciously dark Deadbeat Escape back in August 2018, Manger has lost none of his nefarious charms by the time the events of … >

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Torchwood: Deadbeat Escape review

On a cold, dark and rain-lashed night in the Welsh hinterlands, solitary traveller Hywel Roberts seeks respite on a gruelling road journey home to see his dying father. The desolate roadside hotel he pulls up at has just one remaining free room, which the weary young man gratefully accepts. He soon discovers however, that he … >

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