The Trick

The Trick — new thriller stars Jason Watkins and Victoria Hamilton

BBC One announces The Trick, a landmark film that tells the real life story of the ‘Climategate Scandal’ from 2009 Produced by Vox Pictures, the team behind the critically acclaimed Keeping Faith, and written by Bafta-nominated Owen Sheers (The Snow Spider, Aberfan: The Green Hollow) The Trick tells the story of world-renowned Professor Philip Jones; … >

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Doctor Who ‘The Runaway’ VR Adventure: plot details, headset information

New plot information about the new Doctor Who animated virtual reality adventure The Runaway, have emerged from the director Mathias Chelebourg in SFX magazine. “…you wake up in the TARDIS with [the] Doctor and an unstable ball of energy called the Volta, who may explode at any minute, taking the universe with it.” “[The Volta … >

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