Doctor Who The Lone Centurion Vol 1 cover art

The Lone Centurion Volume 1 – Doctor Who audio review

The Lone Centurion Volume 1 sees Arthur Darvill return as Rory Williams – well, sort of. For those with only a distant memory of Series 5, Amy Pond’s luckless fiancé had a habit of dying. And being brought back to life. During the two-part series finale, Rory was somehow resurrected as an Auton Roman soldier. … >

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The War Master: Master Of Callous review

In their latest War Master boxset, Master Of Callous, Big Finish gives us a story given plenty of time to breathe and develop. Possibly driven by Derek Jacobi’s availability, the War Master is a continual presence through the set of four stories, despite only being a major part of two of them. It’s a masterclass … >

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Vienna: Retribution cover art

Vienna: Retribution – Doctor Who spin-off review

In her fourth Big Finish boxset since first appearing in Doctor Who spin-off Vienna: The Memory Box in 2013 (and with the seventh Doctor before that), Chase Masterson’s impossibly glamorous bounty hunter, ex-assassins, investigator Vienna Salvatori is back for Vienna: Retribution. This time the three-story boxset is penned by a single writer, the prolific Guy Adams, … >

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Big Finish’s ‘Vienna’ audio box set review: Season 3 fizzes with energy

Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is back as the impossibly glamorous assassin turned bounty hunter Vienna Salvatori. Unlike previous seasons, this third box set has Vienna accompanied by Jexie Reagan (Samantha Beart, Random Dent in the fifth season of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reprised on stage). Jexie was a jaded cop … >

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