‘The Musketeers’ Episode 9: ‘Knight Takes Queen’ review

After last week’s trudge, this week’s Musketeers confidently gets into its stride with the plot thickening along the way. The King is flirting with Charlotte Mellendorf, while her father (reimagined here as a Hanoverian Bobby Ball) talks politics and useful marriage alliances with the Cardinal. Meanwhile the Queen is away bathing in the countryside in … >

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‘The Musketeers’ first look: Episode 9 pics gallery

A new set of images from the penultimate episode of BBC One’s The Musketeers have been unveiled. Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s legendary characters, the ten-part adventure drama series continues at 9pm on Sunday 23 March on BBC One. Episode 9 sees Queen Anne’s taking of the waters cut short when her life is put in … >

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‘The Musketeers’ Episode 8: ‘The Challenge’ review

Oh dear. The Musketeers had been carving out an enjoyably undemanding, handsome if predictable storytelling niche for itself. Tonight’s episode was not redeemed simply by there being attractive people and well-shot sword fights in it. As the Musketeers escort a violent prisoner, the Cardinal’s Red Guards intercept them. This leads to a falling out between … >

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‘The Musketeers’ Episode 7: ‘A Rebellious Woman’ review

‘That doesn’t make sense, even for the Musketeers.’ Like your friendships, it’s best not to examine Musketeers‘ plots too closely. The fun to be had is more character based, or possibly historical if you’re intrigued by the period setting. This week, it was fairly obvious – even to your tired and inebriated reviewer – that … >

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