Doctor Who - The Lost Stories 8.2 Operation Werewolf cover art crop

Big Finish announce two more Lost Doctor Who Stories (updated)

‘Operation Werewolf’ and the original plan for ‘The Three Doctors’ both become Doctor Who Lost Stories.  Updated 07/06/24: Cover, cast and further details revealed for ‘Operation Werewolf’. While ‘Deathworld’, which eventually evolved into ‘The Three Doctors’ naturally fascinates, there’s a second lost Doctor Who story imminent. Today, audio producers Big Finish have unveiled the cover … >

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Big Finish - The Second Doctor Adventures: James Robert McCrimmon cover art crop

The Second Doctor Adventures: James Robert McCrimmon audio review

As the post-War Games Second Doctor continues to work for the Time Lords, he’s reunited with his former travelling companion – the hairy-legged highlander James Robert McCrimmon. Across three 2-part stories, the pair take on missions for the Time Lords including an undercover visit to a health resort and a planet shrouded in darkness. Jamie … >

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Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace animated screenshot

Doctor Who missing adventure ‘The Underwater Menace’ to be animated

The partially-missing Season 4 Doctor Who adventure from 1967, The Underwater Menace, will be animated with four new episodes in colour and high definition, released on DVD and Blu-ray. The original master recordings of all except episodes two and three of The Underwater Menace were lost soon after the programme’s original transmission. However, audio-only recordings … >

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The Second Doctor Adventures: Beyond War Games audio review

Michael Troughton inherits his father’s role as Big Finish enliven a niche of Doctor Who continuity. A greying Second Doctor working for the Time Lords with an older Jamie in tow? While fans delighted at Patrick Troughton’s return for ‘The Two Doctors’, building on his appearance in the show’s 20th Anniversary Special, it was a … >

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Big Finish cast Michael Troughton as their Second Doctor

Patrick Troughton’s son will take on his father’s role for a new run of box sets. Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish have taken the step of casting Michael Troughton as the Second Doctor. A successful actor in his own right, Michael Troughton starred in the 1980s/90s political sitcom The New Statesman with Rik Mayall. … >

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Doctor Who animations coming to BritBox for Christmas 2021

The British TV streamer will add two more Second Doctor stories to their line-up.  In an announcement of their December highlights, BritBox have revealed that they will add the animated versions of Fury from the Deep and The Faceless Ones to their classic Doctor Who line up on December 23rd. Both stories, featuring the Patrick … >

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Doctor Who Deleted Scenes cover artwork

Deleted Scenes – Doctor Who Short Trips 10.2 audio review

Deleted Scenes, released on St. Valentine’s Day, brings a touch of romance to the world of sixties Doctor Who. Not for the Doctor himself, but for Jamie, as the TARDIS materialises in Paris, 1908 and the pair become involved in the film business. Travelling after Victoria’s departure, the Doctor and Jamie accept the hospitality of … >

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Daughter of the Gods – Doctor Who Early Adventures 6.2 review

Daughter of the Gods is the second Doctor Who Early Adventures story Big Finish released in November 2019, along with The Home Guard. It’s packed with interest; we have the first and second Doctors meeting when they shouldn’t along with companions Zoe (Wendy Padbury), Jamie (Frazer Hines also voicing the second Doctor), Steven (Peter Purves also … >

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