Doctor Who: The Shattered Hourglass cover art

The Shattered Hourglass – Doctor Who Short Trips 10.12 audio review

The Shattered Hourglass is the latest Doctor Who Short Trip and the last in the regular monthly schedule of download-only releases. The Doctor arrives in the 52nd century, there to interfere with the Time Agency’s latest operation. He deems they have gone too far in “timelocking” a whole galaxy; implemented as a precaution when it … >

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Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious Short Trips cover art

Time Lord Victorious: Master Thief / Lesser Evils – Doctor Who Short Trips audio review

Master Thief and Lesser Evils are the first Big Finish contributions to Time Lord Victorious, the Doctor Who multi-platform event. Using their narrated Short Trips format, we are treated to adventures for two classic incarnations of the Master, those originally brought to life by Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley. As both actors are sadly no longer … >

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Doctor Who: These Stolen Hours cover art

These Stolen Hours – Doctor Who Short Trips 10.8 audio review

These Stolen Hours is a Short Trip drawn from a very specific point in Charley Pollard’s travels. While she narrates from a point during her time working for the Viyrans, she recalls an adventure with Doctor. Specifically, the Sixth Doctor, with whom she journeyed for a short while. believing her Doctor, the Eighth, had died. … >

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Audio review: A Guide to the Doctor Who Short Trip Rarities 2018

In addition to the scheduled releases, September brought forth a clutch of Short Trips Rarities from the Big Finish archive. Formerly available as subscriber bonuses, these five narrated stories feature adventures for the Doctor and friends, read by some familiar BF voices, and each has been enlivened with fresh artwork from Tom Saunders. To help … >

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Doctor Who Short Trips 8.06 – The Siege Of Big Ben review

In the first of two Short Trips, Camille Coduri reprises her role as Rose Tyler’s inimitable mother Jackie, gloriously sharing a few secrets with us over a cheeky splosh of pinot. While this is not Camille Codhuri’s first audio outing, having starred in both the The Ninth Doctor Chronicles and The Lives Of Captain Jack, … >

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