Big Finish open The Paul Spragg Memorial Writers’ Opportunity 2024

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The annual competition seeks to encourage fresh writing talent, with the winner seeing their Doctor Who short story recorded and published. 

Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish Productions have once again opened submissions for their annual Paul Spragg Memorial Writers’ Opportunity.

The competition, which takes place in memory of their late colleague Paul Spragg, seeks to encourage new writing talent.

Paul Spragg

Since its inception in 2016, the process has produced many thought-provoking and memorable short stories.

For 2024, the organisers have chosen the theme of The Time War and are allowing the use of the Daleks.

Doctor Who Short Trips range producer Peter Anghelides explains:

“This year, our competition’s theme is the Time War. And for the first time, we’re also allowing people to use the Daleks, if they wish. 

“We want to read your proposal for a standalone Short Trip with a brand-new idea about the Time War. It’s a unique opportunity to pitch a Short Trips story inspired by a subject at the heart of Big Finish’s Doctor Who range.  

“The important word here is inspired. We are not insisting that you must fit in with the events and continuity of Big Finish’s Time War ranges; you do not have to set your story on Gallifrey, and like some of our best Big Finish stories, you don’t have to include the Daleks.  

“But if you have a brilliant and novel way to use them, you can if you wish. The important thing to remember is that we want your proposal to wow us with its originality and inventiveness. So what fresh characters, adversaries, locations, concepts and perspectives can you devise for a compelling short story?”

Submissions, consisting of a single page synopsis and and opening excerpt, must be received by Big Finish before 23:59 (UK time) on Friday, 28th June 2024.

After checking out the competition guidelines and Terms & Conditions, you can download all of the previous winners for free, along with the scripts and original submission documents, from Big Finish.

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