Star Trek Universe

Star Trek – Variety feature reveals surprise Section 31 casting and more

A future Enterprise Captain who will appear alongside Michelle Yeoh in the Section 31 movie – plus, the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ movie has a new writer.  With Star Trek‘s television series well-distributed across the Federation’s timeline, there’s plenty of scope for exploration of characters before we first met them on screen. The shining example of this … >

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Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy – Paramount+ announces a new Star Trek show

The live-action Starfleet Academy will follow cadets who dream of becoming Starfleet Officers.  As the final season of Picard plays out, and with Discovery‘s final season announced, thoughts naturally turn to the future of the Star Trek franchise. Animations Lower Decks and Prodigy are both recommissioned, but what about live-action? Prequel Strange New Worlds has … >

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