Doctor Who Magazine 606 interviews Gabriel Woolf

Doctor Who Magazine 606 contains an interview with the Gabriel Woolf, who voiced the villainous death god Sutekh in Pyramids of Mars, The Legend of Ruby Sunday and Empire of Death. “…Sutekh sent [showrunner] Russell [T Davies] and [producer] Phil [Collinson] running behind the sofa when they were young, otherwise I wouldn’t be here,” Woolf … >

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Doctor Who: Empire of Death - the Fifteenth Doctor looks at a spoon

A spoon once again becomes pivotal in Doctor Who lore

For the 2024 Doctor Who series finale episode, Empire of Death, Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies teased on the official Doctor Who podcast, “Far away on a distant planet, a kind woman is waiting with something absolutely vital.” Who could have guessed it was something as simple as a spoon? After most of the … >

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Doctor Who Magazine previews Empire of Death

Doctor Who Magazine 605 will preview the 2024 Doctor Who series finale, Empire of Death. Also in DWM 605: • The new Tales of the TARDIS episode, Pyramids of Mars – a new presentation of a seventies classic • The Changing Face of Susan Twist – as the mystery behind her character is resolved, she … >

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Doctor Who: Empire of Death - The Doctor and Mel, on a scooter

Doctor Who ‘Empire of Death’ cast list

The cast list for the eighth and final 2024 Doctor Who series episode Empire of Death, was released on the BBC One listing for the programme. The Doctor has lost, his ageless enemy reigns supreme, and a shadow is falling over creation. Nothing can stop the devastation… except, perhaps, one woman. The Cast: The Doctor: … >

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The Egyprian style mask of the Osiran villain Sutekh from Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars

‘Doctor Who’ spin-off audio boxset review: Volume 2 of ‘The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield’

Professor Bernice Summerfield was created in Virgin’s 1990’s New Adventures book range.  Starting as a companion, the 26th century archaeologist survived as the star after the BBC took the Doctor Who book rights back in house. Later she gained her own audio adventures, where actress Lisa Bowerman brought the character to life at Big Finish. … >

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