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The Tomorrow People – two publications celebrate the 50th anniversary

Two volumes of the show’s Look-In comics as well as a new The Tomorrow People novel.  2023 is the 50th anniversary year of The Tomorrow People. The series, an ITV rival to Doctor Who, saw teens “breaking out” with powers such as telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation. Additionally, they found themselves tasked with helping humanity on its … >

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The Tomorrow People

Jaunt: A Viewer’s Guide to THE TOMORROW PEOPLE – book review

The revised edition of Jaunt tackles three iterations of The Tomorrow People on screen, plus much more.  If you mention The Tomorrow People to a fellow cult television fan, the response often differs depending on their age. For many, it’s the much-loved 1970s children’s series, while for others it’s the 1990s version. More recently, in … >

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The Tomorrow People (ITV)

The Tomorrow People (original ITV version) now available on Britbox

The Tomorrow People, the much-loved ’70s classic ITV show has arrived on Britbox (as of the 12th November). Originally broadcast from 1973 until 1979, it was revisited in the 1990s then remade for US TV for a single season broadcast 2013-14. Britbox is showing the first four seasons, which show creator Roger Price was in … >

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