Blue Boxes – Doctor Who Short Trips 10.11 audio review

Blue Boxes is the latest Doctor Who Short Trip, set in Season Seven, with the Third Doctor still adjusting to his Earthbound exile. With UNIT’s telephones under attack, and some mysterious deaths, the Doctor and Liz Shaw dive into the world of ‘Phreaking’. Like early hackers, the ingenious phreakers used homemade generators to replicate the … >

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The Third Doctor Adventures

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 06 audio review

Big Finish has a justly deserved reputation for quality audio drama, recreating favourite Cult television shows. Even they can’t match their own high standards every time, which is why a more average release stands out from the crowd. May 2020’s Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 06 is at best average, and shows even Big … >

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Landbound – Doctor Who Short Trips audio review

In 2016, to honour the memory of a much missed colleague, Big Finish launched the first ‘Paul Spragg Short Trip Memorial Opportunity’. Offering writers new to the company the chance to submit a short story idea, with the prize of a commission and its subsequent release, it yielded the entertaining Seventh Doctor tale ‘Forever Fallen’ … >

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