Sontarans vs Rutans

Sontarans vs Rutans celebratory audio dramas announced

It’s the potato-headed Sontaran clone army vs the shape-changing jellyfish Rutan Host as Doctor Who celebrates fifty years of conflict.  Audio producers Big Finish do love an anniversary. In the past few years we’ve enjoyed the Master’s 50th with Masterful and celebrated the planet of Peladon. Plus, of course, Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary with this … >

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Terror of the Master cover art crop

Terror of the Master – Big Finish to re-release Doctor Who audiobook

Originally part of ‘Masterful’, the Jon Culshaw narrated audiobook will be available to download separately.  At the start of 2021, Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish released ‘Masterful’, a boxset which commemorated 40 years of the Master. While the centrepiece was a dizzying multi-episode, multi-Master tale, the late Roger Delgado’s incarnation was celebrated with a … >

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Doctor Who: Classic Doctors New Monsters Volume 3 audio review

Welcome to Classic Doctors New Monsters 3: The Stuff of Nightmares.  “There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things! Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought!” So said the Second Doctor. While his monstrous foes often only make a single onscreen appearance, we often … >

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Classic Doctors New Monsters – Big Finish announce two more volumes

There’s a fresh line-up of familiar foes with unexpected Doctors!  Across their wide output of Doctor Who audios, every classic series Doctor now has their own range at Big Finish. Either with the original actor or judiciously recast, each incarnation appears in full-cast drama boxsets. While they often encounter period-appropriate threats, it’s also immense fun … >

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Doctor Who on Forces TV – twelve classic stories

Further to the recent announcement, we now have a list of the stories Forces TV viewers can look forward to.  After the exciting news that a selection of classic Doctor Who stories from the 1970s and 80s are coming to Forces TV, we were left with a puzzle – what would they show? Thanks to … >

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Classic Doctor Who is coming to Forces TV

The UK free-to-air channel beings a run of classic Doctor Who stories this month.  Forces TV have announced that they will be showing a run of twelve stories from the classic era of Doctor Who. With BBC repeats a rarity and access to these episodes otherwise needing a subscription or a boxset budget, it’s great … >

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