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Sontarans vs Rutans: In Name Only – Doctor Who audio review

The four-part mini-series ends with a tale set inside the Time War.  All roads lead to the temporal conflict between the Doctor’s people and the Daleks, as this final tale ties up the threads of Sontarans vs Rutans. In Name Only The action begins with a TARDIS arriving on a Gallifreyan outpost and a deadly … >

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Big Finish unveil Dark Gallifrey: The War Master

Across the trilogy, Sir Derek Jacobi’s Master will encounter Bernice Summerfield, David Warner’s Unbound Doctor, the War Doctor and Torchwood’s Captain John Hart.  Audio producers Big Finish have revealed the second trilogy from their epic Dark Gallifrey series featuring Doctor Who villains. Following on from Morbuis, the second set of stories focus on Sir Derek … >

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The War Doctor Begins

The War Doctor Rises – Big Finish announce further Time War adventures

Jonathon Carley plays the young version of the late Sir John Hurt’s grizzled incarnation. Audio producers Big Finish have announced a new series starring the War Doctor. The character is a morally compromised regeneration of our favourite Time Lord who forsakes his name to fight in the Time War against the Daleks. He was originally played … >

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BBC Shop offers limited edition 2005-2022 Doctor Who Blu-ray set

In time for the 2023 holidays, the BBC Shop is offering a limited edition complete New Who years Blu-ray collectors set. 6,000 of the Doctor Who: Limited Edition Complete New Who Collectors Blu-Ray Set will be available with thirteen remastered seasons and exclusive content from Russell T. Davies and David Tennant. Each set will feature … >

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John Hurt as The War Doctor

Doctor Who: The War Doctor – Casualties of War audio review

With this final boxset of three stories, Big Finish marks the end of War Doctor’s story with a strong set of scripts brought to life by a superb cast, great directing and impressive sound design.  With John Hurt’s passing away, listening to these stories is all the more poignant; as fans we can but admire … >

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