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‘Yonderland’ Episode 5: ‘Closing the Portal’ review

A slight dip in laughs tonight is counteracted by a slightly darker tone (relatively speaking), with sinister undercurrents afoot in Elf's behaviour and in the mysterious goings-on in Ennythingos. While there's still a lot of imagination on display, there's perhaps more reliance on bawdy humour here than previously.

‘Yonderland’ Episode 4: ‘The Ultimate Prize’ review

Yonderland is getting increasingly hard to review, because it's so bloody consistent.

Four episodes in and we know what we're going to get – inspired silliness, a constant stream of one-liners, great ideas, non-sequiturs, physical comedy and not much in the way of plot arc advancement. It's very funny. It's hard to describe an episode without spoiling a few of these, although as there are lots to go round, it's not the end of the world.

Watch 5 of the Eighth Doctor’s best moments in ‘Doctor Who’

We’ve picked out five of Doctor Who‘s best moments featuring the Eighth Doctor, as played by Paul McGann on screen in 1996 and 2013…   The Seventh Doctor regenerates into the Eighth Doctor as a hospital orderly watches Frankenstein in ‘The TV Movie’   The Doctor, hanging out with the surgeon who accidentally killed him...

‘Yonderland’ Episode 3: ‘Reformation’ review

Sky1's Yonderland maintains its high quality levels this week with a high gag-success rate, gratuitous nudity, and the inspired concept of the Monks of Old John, who must always tell the truth, and end up offending Negatus as a result. Debbie attempts to lead them to safety, avoiding those hunting for the reward of bringing them in dead or alive, including goblins and bounty hunters.

Watch 5 of the Fifth Doctor’s best moments in ‘Doctor Who’

We’ve picked out five classic Doctor Who moments featuring the Fifth Doctor, as played by Peter Davison from 1981–1984…   The first appearance of Rassilon on screen (looking not that much like Timothy Dalton) in ‘The Five Doctors’   After the highest on-screen body-count in the show’s history, Tegan bids farewell in ‘Resurrection of the...