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‘Doctor Who’ clips: 5 classic Third Doctor moments

We’ve picked out five of Doctor Who‘s best moments featuring the Third Doctor, as played by Jon Pertwee from 1970–1974…   The Doctor and the Old Silurian: peacemakers amongst the warmongers in ‘The Silurians’   The Doctor takes a trip in ‘Inferno’   The Master’s first story: ‘Terror of the Autons’   The Three Doctors...

‘Sunshine on Leith’ movie review

As jukebox musicals go, Stephen Greenhorn's weaving of Proclaimers' songs into a narrative is a far superior piece of writing to Mamma Mia or We Will Rock You.

‘Upstream Colour’ movie review

When a film like Upstream Colour comes along it's kinda pointless assigning it a star rating. It is not going for bums on seats, mass appeal, sequel/remake-bait.

‘Defiance’: Season 1 DVD review

Defiance’s feature-length opening episode starts promisingly. It looks great. The money is on screen and put to good storytelling use. The CG from here-on in is variable in quality though.

‘Parks and Recreation’: Season 3 DVD review

Parks and Recreation is a genuine contender for the title of 'Best Sitcom on Television'. The contents of this boxset were originally broadcast in the US in 2011, while only the first two seasons have seen UK broadcast on BBC Four and a Region 2 DVD release. Like all the best boxsets, it's remarkable easy to select 'Play All' and find yourself watching the whole disc for several hours.