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‘Yonderland’ cast interview

To celebrate the release of Sky1's family comedy Yonderland on DVD on Monday 17 February, CultBox caught up with Ben Willbond (The Thick of It), Simon Farnaby (The Mighty Boosh) and Dan Skinner to chat about their show.

‘The Musketeers’ Episode 2: ‘Sleight of Hand’ review

The Musketeers continues its solid, unsurprising start with ‘Sleight of Hand’.

It too is another enjoyable yet predictable romp through the murkier side of swashbuckling. Meanwhile, characters are further defined, approximately fifty people are shot, and guest stars swagger as only Jason Flemyng can swagger (copiously shifting weight from buttock to buttock with each stride).

‘The Musketeers’ Episode 1: ‘Friends and Enemies’ review

Adrian Hodges' adaptation of Alexander Dumas' novel occupies the post-Sherlock Sunday evening slot on BBC One and it looks the part. Prague doubles for a lived-in Seventeenth Century Paris, and the fight scenes are stylish and kinetic. A strong and charismatic cast delivers, though ultimately the end product is solid rather than exceptional.

‘Yonderland’ finale: ‘Dirty Ernie’ review

Negatus' kinks are further developed in this finale, as his boss Imperatrix is due to arrive to sort things out herself, due to Negatus' incompetence. In disguise as a tramp (the titular Ernie), Negatus plans to destroy Debbie once and for all. Along the way he learns that being pure motiveless evil isn't necessarily great for your self-esteem.

‘Yonderland’ Episode 5: ‘Closing the Portal’ review

A slight dip in laughs tonight is counteracted by a slightly darker tone (relatively speaking), with sinister undercurrents afoot in Elf's behaviour and in the mysterious goings-on in Ennythingos. While there's still a lot of imagination on display, there's perhaps more reliance on bawdy humour here than previously.