Peter Capaldi sings middle eight of ‘Doctor Who’ theme – watch!

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi wants to get the middle eight back in the show’s theme tune.

A middle eight is a short section (typically of eight bars) in the middle of a conventionally structured song, generally of a different character from the other parts of the song.

The current shortened version of the Doctor Who theme does not include the middle eight, although an extended version of the current arrangement is included on the Season 8 soundtrack album.

To demonstrate why it needs to return, Capaldi sings the middle eight in this video.

He comments at the end of his performance: “Get the middle eight back!”

The new season of Doctor Who began filming in Cardiff last month, with Pearl Mackie joining as new companion Bill and comedian Matt Lucas returning as Nardole.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Season 10 will air on BBC One in spring 2017.

Do you want the middle eight back? Let us know below…

  • I twin-heartily endorse this comment.

  • Shevy_B

    Let’s bring the middle eight back! It adds an interesting element to the themsong.

  • Shari Armstrong

    Absolutely! The original composer had it there for a reason. Put it back – and have Capaldi play it on his guitar again :).

    • Dr. Moo

      The current theme is the poorest one in the entire history of the series (even Delaware and Shalka are better arrangements) but for one glorious week with Before The Flood we had Peter Capaldi playing it on guitar and it was awesome. That should become the new permanent theme arrangement in series ten.

      • And here I thought you loved everything about the Moffat era, lol.

    • ICE

      i completely agree on both occasions

  • SaoSea

    Capaldi The Fanboy has struck again.

  • J__o__h__n

    He should have creative control over the show. I agree with this and also his advocating to bring Carole Ann Ford back.

  • Greetl

    I would absolutely love for him to take over as showrunner at some point. He already has writing, directorial and production credentials and no other modern doctor has demonstrated their deep understanding of the show or spent as much time reaching out to fandom. That he is easily the best actor ever in the role and likely to overtake Tom as the greatest Doctor of all time is just icing on the cake!

  • Edward Delingford

    The title music for the various series under Steven Moffat may be the only thing where I think RTD’s era actually did it better.

    I would like to bet quite some money that we will be hearing the middle eight again for series 10. Peter did ask very nicely after all!

  • mucilage32

    It’s called the “Bridge” not the “middle 8”. Also some of you might remember the arrangement of the theme for the1996 McGann movie opened with that section, then went to the familiar A section