Arrow season 7: Stephen Amell shoots down rumour about Ollie’s prison time

Stephen Amell has debunked a rumour about Oliver Queen’s prison time, which is set to be a major part of Arrow season 7. Ollie wound up being incarcerated at the end of season 6, after trying every trick in the book to protect his secret identity.

Oliver ultimately made the decision to tell the world that he is The Green Arrow, as well as fessing up to his previous antics as The Hood and The Arrow. Across those three vigilante codenames, Oliver has a lot of blood on his hands, and he’s also perverted the course of justice by lying to the authorities a bunch of times. It should be a long prison stint for Oliver, then.

But a fan-made rumour had been circulating on the web stating otherwise, suggesting that Ollie would be in prison for a measly three episodes. Amell saw this rumour and took action, replying to an Instagram post and then Tweeting a link to it. His one-word reaction shoots down the rumour fairly conclusively:

Amell doesn’t specifically state in which way the rumour is false, leading fans to ask whether the actual number of episodes that Oliver will remain incarcerated for is more or less than three. We’re assuming that it’s more, and that Oliver will spend a decent chunk of the season locked up.

After all, the writers can only do this story one time. Oliver has revealed his true self to the world, and he’s been locked up in a Super-Max prison as a result. There is probably a load of villains in the same facility that Team Arrow put in there, which is fertile ground for dialogue-driven storytelling. It’s a rare chance for our hero to do some introspective reflection, some pondering of his past, without any distractions.  The writers will want to make the most of this opportunity while they can, we’d assume.

Perhaps the midseason crossover event – which will see the Arrowverse heroes meeting Batwoman for the first time – could provide an opportunity for Oliver to go free? Or maybe Ollie could do some Suicide Squad-like missions for ARGUS in order to reduce his sentence?

Only time will tell how long Ollie is locked up for and how exactly he will get out, of course, but we look forward to watching it all play out. In the meantime, we’ll bring you more Arrow news as we hear it.