Billie Piper can’t believe it’s ten years since she left ‘Doctor Who’

Can you believe it’s almost a decade since Rose Tyler’s time as a regular companion on Doctor Who came to an end?

‘Doomsday’ aired on 8 July 2006 and if that makes you feel really old then it turns out you’re not the only one…

Actress Billie Piper told DS: “I go and meet the fans sometimes at these signings – at the conventions – and a lot of them are like, ‘Yeah, I would watch Doctor Who as a baby with my Mum and Dad’ and I’m thinking, ‘Jeez! I don’t need to hear that!’.”

The Penny Dreadful star added: “Or some of them at 10 are like, ‘My Mum and Dad named me after Rose Tyler’ and you’re looking at them and they’ve got their smart phones… and you’re thinking, ‘Oh my God – this is insane!’ But it’s nice in a way – it’s great, and it continues.”

Doctor Who Doomsday

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  • Dr. Moo

    Urgh, I hate Rose. That rude selfish b*tchy tart.
    Billie Piper is great though. That she’s gone from being some dull pop star to a household name despite being lumbered with that horrible character speaks volumes of her strengths as an actress. I, like any decent human, don’t like Rose but Billie is a big part of why Doctor Who exists today and for that I applaud her.

    • Edward Delingford

      I would never criticise Billie either. She’s a truly gifted actress and her great work on series 1 of new Who brought a whole new audience to the show. Billie has always been gracious and appreciative of how Rose helped her to achieve the things she has since done. I think how she has handled the unwanted attention of fame has been dignified and she has helped both David and Matt learn to deal with this unpleasant part of the Who phenomenum.

      It’s such a pity that she has been left the legacy of Wose from series 2 and has been the focus of so much demented attention from the Tennant nutter fanbase. I like to think of her as series 1 Rose and her wonderful chemistry with the Chris’s 9th doctor and the brilliant and smart young woman seeking something better out of life, before RTD repurposed her as a love object for Tennant’s egotistical doctor and created the ghastly Wose and her nasty, selfish, stalkerish personality. Such a shame for Billie and such a setback for the show.

    • Katie

      Sure, Rose developed a jealous streak over the doctor, which was all part of her character development and story arc, (she paid dearly in the end) but she wasn’t the selfish, sociopathic, unsympathetic bitch that Amy Pond could be. Give Rose a break!

    • JAFischer

      I’m not fond of the fans who want to ignore the Doctor’s centuries of existence since he left her behind (and whatever life she made with his duplicate) so that they can run off into the sunset together. She’s gone and they can’t get over it.

  • Helles

    Love Billie, hate Rose.

    • Greetl


    • Dr. Moo

      Good, that means you’ve got a brain.

    • JAFischer

      There are a lot of things to dislike about Rose Tyler, especially by comparison with her predecessors from the original series. In her defense, she was a young adult who’d never done anything except exist, and suddenly she’s travelling space and time. Why would she ask the Doctor if he’d traveled with anyone else?

      On the other hand, the writers did turn her and 10 into a pair of prats with excruciating regularity.

      (Then she decided to risk breaking reality by trying to get back to him. No wonder he left his duplicate with her.)

  • bens

    I still get upset every time I think about the “Doomsday” episode. It was heartbreaking! I miss the sparks between the Doctor and Rose. It’s never been the same with the other companions even though I like them, as well.