Capaldi thought ‘Doctor Who’ tank entrance scene idea was ‘terrible’

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has admitted that he initially thought the idea of the Doctor’s entrance on a tank in Season 9 was “terrible.”

The scene featured in 2015’s ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ and marked the first appearance of the Twelfth Doctor’s guitar.

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Capaldi told Syfy Brasil: “[Steven Moffat] wrote this wonderful entrance of the Doctor on a tank – you know, coming in playing a guitar – which I admittedly said ‘that won’t work.'”

He continued: “I said ‘That’s terrible, I’m not doing that, that’s so wrong in every possible way.’ And all anyone ever says when I meet them is ‘wow, that was a fabulous entrance you had on that tank with a guitar.’ So what do I know?!”

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