Catherine Tregenna writing ‘Doctor Who’ ep for Season 9

The first female writer for Doctor Who since 2008 has been revealed.

Catherine Tregenna has previously written four episodes of Torchwood, as well as DCI Banks, The Fixer, Lewis and Law & Order: UK.

Neil Gaiman recently commented that finding female writers for the show was “a priority” for the production team. The only female writer in the past decade has been Helen Raynor, who penned Season 3’s ‘Daleks in Manhattan’ / ‘Evolution of the Daleks’ and Season 4’s ‘The Sontaran Stratagem’ / ‘The Poison Sky’.

The news was confirmed on Tregenna’s online CV.


[Thanks to @Ruther2 for spotting this!]

The new season begins filming in January and there have been rumours that Jenna Coleman will not be returning after this year’s Christmas special.

Season 8 is released on DVD and Blu-ray today.

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> Order Season 8 on Blu-ray on Amazon.

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  • Namnoot

    Keep in mind that we have seen such “announcements” before only to have the writer’s episode dropped. I believe Tregeena’s Torchwood cohort John Fay indicated on an online CV that he had an episode for Series 6 or 7 and it never happened. Great news if true, but take with a grain of salt until the BBC announces the official writer line up which may not be till the spring.