‘Doctor Who’ exec hints at non-21st century Earth companion: ‘Wait and see’

Steven Moffat has discussed the possibility of the next Doctor Who companion departing from the formula of being a young female from present day Earth.

Speaking at the RTS Doctor Who: Anatomy Of A Hit event, Moffat commented: “As to changing it up with the companion, we actually have changed it up quite a lot, look how different those girls have been. Wait and see.”

Season 9 begins filming in January and it is currently unknown if Jenna Coleman will be returning after this year’s Christmas special.

The showrunner explained: “What we have is probably the most enduring form of the show and I think will always tend back to it for whatever reason, but there’s no reason you couldn’t tend away from it and there’s no diktat or special rule book left by Verity Lambert or something.”


He also hinted: “We absolutely could vary it. The times they’ve varied it, it makes them work hard – you can see them struggling with Leela. She was a great character but they had to civilise her fast because it was getting hard to fit her into stories – but it’s not a hard and fast rule at all.”

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Where and when would you like the next companion to come from? Let us know below…

  • mclenny38

    The idea of having a 21st Century companion is what helps tie the show in between fantasy and real life. It’s part of the connection that we share with the Doctor and Doctor Who as a whole. As great as Twelve is, I personally believe, that if we lose that kind of companion then we will lose most of that ‘humanity’ in the show that we so love and hold close. It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t believe that it will be successful with Capaldi.

    • Erik Zidowecki

      Really? The very first companion was the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, who was not only not from present day Earth but wasn’t even human, yet she was brought in as the gateway for the children. In fact, most of the classic companions were NOT from present day Earth.. Vicki, Stephen, Katherine, Jamie, Zoe, Leela, Romana, Adric, Nyssa, Turlough, Mel and Ace. Those are just the TV ones.. the Audio stories, books, and comics had more, even a shape-shifting alien who appeared as a penguin most of the time.

      • Shawn Stipe

        I loved Ace, but I never understood how she ended up on that planet to begin with. She needed a better back story because she was from 20th century earth.

      • Raini Way

        Mel and Ace are both contemporary humans. Mel was a computer programmer from a few years into the viewer’s future, and Ace was born in the late 60s/early 70s, but somehow ended up on another planet entirely before meeting the Doctor.

        • Erik Zidowecki

          The Doctor picked up Ace in the future on another planet, not Earth, so even if she was from modern Earth, that is not where he got her.

      • JAS84

        There’s no companion called Katherine. I guess you mean Katarina? You also missed Victoria Waterfield, who was from the 19th century.

        • Erik Zidowecki

          You are right. I was thinking of Victoria. I don’t know why I wrote Katherine.

    • Raini Way

      Jamie McCrimmon is still one of the most popular of the Doctor’s companions, so you can’t tell me it wouldn’t work to bring someone like him into the show with Capaldi. Jamie connected to the audience just fine. And I think it was because of his association with the 18th century, not in spite of it. Jamie was very perceptive and open minded, accepting what he saw and trying to make sense of it. He was the audience surrogate for all the wondrous things the Doctor showed us. He wanted to learn as much as he could about everything around him, and he even adopted some contemporary fashion styles. Jamie’s wide-eyed wonder was the very definition of what it is to travel with that madman in a box. We need another companion like him.

  • Keeley Hannah Lawton

    I want to be the next companion 😉 YORKSHIRE! YORKSHIRE!

    • Harold Saxon

      yes one with a yorkshire accent keeley,cool.

    • Pixc

      yeah yorkshire would be good but i feel matt smith and jenna did that well enough, maybe Ross Noble for one episode sometime!

  • Chara’s Dad

    I want a male companion who is not associated with a preexisting female companion in any way. Been too long since we had one like that. Mid-80’s, in fact.

    • Kelvin Q. Nguyen

      What about Captain Jack? Sure it was only a few episodes but he still counts as a companion.

      Just cause Rose was the first person he saw doesn’t mean he was associated with her

  • Hagar Muhammad

    I vote Psi.

  • Graeme Frears

    Capt jack

    • Muklowd

      Hmm – I don’t know. With a pirate companion you’d always have to be scared he would steal the Tardis and set off on his own. 🙂

  • Jomama

    Sherlock ! no no ? ok then Cpt jack

  • Libby

    Never i dont want jenna to leave…. Sarah jane kept coming back so why cant clara !

  • Monk E Business

    He’ll screw it up. Chameleon II.

  • Jason Brown

    He/she should be from colonial America.

  • Jack Harkness

    DALEK CAAN!!!!

  • Josh Steer

    Please not victorian!!! We have had enough victorian thanks
    Though I like the ideas of someone from series 8
    Journey blue
    Or even rusty!!
    One more
    You can bring her back! I mean your Moffat for goodness sake! It would be amazing!!!

    • What?What?

      I like Osgood!

    • Gustavo Corral

      Yes; Missy could have killed the Zygon.

  • ally

    I think it’s time for an alien companion. The Doctor can travel throughout the universe. It would be fun to see him have an alien companion again.

  • glube

    Colonial mexico

  • David

    How about an older Jamie McCrimmon?

    • Chara’s Dad

      YES! I’d love the return of James Robert McCrimmon!

  • Rob T.


    • What?What?

      Love that idea!!! Handles for the companion!

  • Daniel

    I’d very much like for there to be more actual aliens… all the constant humans gets boring… places other than Earth are good too… it’s a show about a time and space travelling alien… why does he spend so much time on Earth, there are literally trillions of other places…

  • Rubia

    Captain Jack needs to come back.

  • Hazel May Lebrun

    Come on. Get a Canadian in that box! We deserve a chance. Think of the fun you could have landing on the Bacon planet!

    • Raini Way

      I like this idea. We’ve had companions from England, Scotland, Australia and America. But we’ve only seen Canadian and Irish companions in the audio series. Don’t know if we’ve had a Welsh companion or not. We could also go with a Jamaican companion. Someone like Sanca from Cool Runnings. 😉

  • Robin Hood for the new companion!

  • Jimel

    It would really be something if the Doctor’s companion came from the past or something… or maybe from another planet

  • Christina

    I’d love for River to come back. I’d enjoy seeing how 12 interacts with her.

  • Max Overton

    how about Elvis Presley

  • Mayra Plum

    New companion should be a hippy from the 60’s right out of woodstock. Super high. And male. His name should be Casper and he’ll grow up to be a uber science man. Take that, Moffat.

  • What?What?

    Not someone from the future please… Don’t need a companion that looks down on us as barbaric.
    Perhaps someone the Doctor has met before… how cool would it be if Peter was doing double duty for awhile … as the Doctor and as his own companion Lucius Caecilius LOL from “Fires of Pompeii” when DT was the Doctor??!?!?!
    I think Peter could pull it off! Or even him rescuing himself, wife and kids when he played Mr. Frobisher on Torchwoods “Children of Earth”! naw… Caecilius would be better I think. ::grin::
    After all… in his premiere he did keep saying he recognized the face!

    • Raini Way

      Zoe never looked down on 20th century people as barbaric.

  • Nytaro

    I’d like to see a Australian companion. :3

    • Raini Way


  • Raini Way

    One of Jamie’s kids. Or anyone from the past, really. Futuristic companions are nice and all (Zoe, Leela, we love you, but we have other faves), but the historical ones have more charm. Jamie is awesome.

  • David D’Champ

    How about Sarah Jane’s son.

    • JAS84

      Luke Smith, played by Tommy Knight? Well, the actor would be available since Waterloo Road has been axed. He’d be the Doctor’s intellectual equal, and he also has Sarah Jane’s K9!

  • zinx

    it should be jenny, his daughter

  • Rocky

    Bring back Osgood for the next companion!

  • Hannah

    Can we get Charley Pollard back for one ep? That would be interesting

  • Lindsay James

    I want Luke from the Sarah-Jane adventures

  • Vince

    How about Dilbert the Dalek? Formerly known as Rusty.

  • willvigar

    Frobisher. That is all.

  • LDMacP

    I think it should be Stormageddon once he is grown up!

  • Jack

    I think you need to keep the main companion as being from the present day as the idea is the companion is meant to be the reflection of the audience in the doctor who universe if they’re someone from victorian england or medieval times its looses a level of relatability the show isnt stopped from taking on extra characters from different time periods e.g. Jack Harkness, Adam, River Song

  • Monty Gaither

    Both River Song and Capt. Jack are not from the 21st Century. Both have a large fan base. Capt. Jack could stay around for a long time, since we know that it will be many centuries before he dies as the Face of Boe.

  • Pixc

    someone like leela but male might be interesting

  • Mac

    Bring Romana back. Or the granddaughter.

  • Caleb Goldberg

    Moffat, PLEASE put in a non 21st-century Earth companion! It’s fine to have contemporary companions once in a while, but there’s only so much you can do with them. We’ve had a DECADE of contemporary companions, and that’s long enough! Think about it – some of the best-loved companions in the series – Jamie, Zoe, Leela, Romana, etc. – are from a completely different time period (or, in Leela’s and Romana’s cases, planet), and the reason for this is almost certainly the uniqueness and freshness of their characters. A little something different never hurt anything, and I hope that Moffat is not tricking us.