Doctor Who: Sarah Dollard on why she’s not writing for series 11

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Sarah Dollard’s first episode writing for Doctor Who was a significant one, as she penned the last full episode featuring Jenna Coleman’s Clara, Face The Raven. She then followed that up with series 10’s Thin Ice. But in a new interview, she’s confirmed that she won’t be returning for the next series.

“I won’t be on S11 due to workload/schedule clashes in the past year”, she told Rogues Portal. But she did hold the door open to returning for Doctor Who in the future. “I had a really great chat with Chris [Chibnall, new showrunner] about his plans. So hopefully I’ve left the door open for a possible return in the future. It would be an honour to work with him and write for Thirteen”.

It’s believed that Chibnall is the only writer to have written for the show before who will be penning episodes for series 11, although that’s not been confirmed as of yet.

Rogues Portal.