‘Doctor Who’ star’s son Sean Pertwee is keen to appear in show

Gotham star Sean Pertwee has revealed that he feels like “it would be an honour” to appear in Doctor Who.

Jon Pertwee, Sean’s father, played the Third Doctor from 1970 until 1974.

Asked on ITV’s This Morning if he would be interested in taking over the role of the Third Doctor on screen, Pertwee told host Eamonn Holmes: “No, I think that you guys would split your sides laughing, but it’s slightly too big a pair of shoes, well Cuban heel boots, to fill really.”

However, he added: “But of course it would be an honour to be involved in some capacity.”

Gotham Sean Pertwee

Pertwee also said: “I wish [my father] was still here … he said the greatest thing he ever did was take (the role of) ‘Doctor Who’ because we would have been denied half of his other performances if it wasn’t for that.”

A fan-made image showing Sean Pertwee as the Third Doctor appeared on Instagram last year.

Sean Pertwee

Sean Pertwee commented previously: “You know, I think my father probably would have a heart attack from laughing so much. The notion of me playing him, I think he’d find that triflingly amusing.”

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Would you like to see Sean Pertwee appear in Doctor Who? Let us know below…

  • Simon Millard

    Sean is an incredibly talented actor and his appearance in a Doctor Who episode would take it to another level (ps. I loved him as the leader in Operation Good Guys – Hold my balls Jim)

  • Dr. Moo

    Let Sean Pertwee be the Thirteenth Doctor please. He’d be good I think.

    • John McJ

      That or the next Master. The Master resembling his greatest foe, why not?

  • russell

    Sean Pertwee should be given the opportunity to appear in WHO- no question.It would be great if he were given a specially written part.Of course, many would like there to be some connection to his Father’s role ( his resemblance is uncanny…as was Jon,to his own Father Roland ); however, he is a very skilled character actor in his own right: and could bring much to the table.For the record, I’ve always thought, he would make a stunningly good Doc himself….FOR all the right reasons…but why shouldn’t another version ( later incarnation )of The Doctor, not bear physical similarities to an earlier one? Afterall, they sometimes share traits- do they not?
    I have no idea if Sean Pertwee would ever be interested in such a thing…but the challenge would be to play the role NOT as his Father…

    • Andrew Llewellyn

      Foundations have already been laid for such a thing. In ‘Day Of The Doctor’ they spoke about visiting old faces. Doesn’t necessarily mean taking older forms, but maybe a new one with similarities to them.

      And I completely agree, he is a great actor in his own right.

      • russell

        Good point, Andrew….and ” SNAP ! “

  • I would love to see him as the Third Doctor, due to that resemblence.

  • Paul K. Sulkowski

    I say bring him on. One idea is to invite him back to do Three. Then possibly have the Doctor regenerate into a form distinctive yet suggestive of Three. However, definitely give him a shot.

  • Rose

    YES! I would LOVE Sean to do it. Jon was my favourite ever Doctor, and I am a big fan of Sean too.

  • Mack59

    I very much doubt he’ll get the call, the next Doctor will be a younger man / woman. I would like to see him in a multi Doctor story especially with Capaldi.

  • Pandorica

    He is the same age as his father was when he became the third Doctor at 51 in 1970. Yes, I believe he can do it.

    • Jessica Cobden

      Truth !

  • Treadwell

    please please please please appear as 3!!

  • Addie Firebird

    Bring it on! Jon Pertwee was and always will be my favourite Doctor!!!!!