First two episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 have finished filming

Filming is now complete on the first block of filming for the new season of Doctor Who.

Season 10 began production in Cardiff last month, with Pearl Mackie joining Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as new companion Bill and comedian Matt Lucas returning as Nardole.

The show’s official Twitter account announced this morning: “That’s a wrap on block 1!
Peter, @Pearlie_mack & @RealMattLucas have finished filming eps 1 & 2 of #DoctorWho S10…”

Episode 1 is written by Steven Moffat and guest stars Stephanie Hyam (Jekyll and Hyde).

Moffat has teased: “I want it to feel like Episode 1 of a brand new show. I want to leave just as it’s all beginning…”

Doctor Who 10 1

Episode 2 is written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce (‘In the Forest of the Night’), with a guest cast that includes Mina Anwar (The Sarah Jane Adventures) and Ralf Little (The Royle Family).

Mackie and Capaldi have been filming Episode 2 this week on location at the City of Arts and Science Museum in Valencia, Spain.

Doctor Who 10 2 Valencia Pearl Mackie Peter Capaldi Bill Twelfth

The first two episodes are directed by Lawrence Gough.

Season 10 will air on BBC One in spring 2017.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Are you looking forward to the new season? Let us know below…

  • The Timelord’s Underpants

    Whether a screwdriver or shades: The sonic is back!

    • Dr. Moo

      The sonic’s been back since the last scene of the glorious series nine finale Hell Bent, so there’s nothing new there. We haven’t really seen it in action properly though so I welcome seeing it prominently in that image. Also the sonic shades which were a wonderful inclusion deliberately designed to send the squealing tumblr fangirls into a tizzy, always something I get a kick out of seeing.

      • Ottoman Wilde

        Sorry, but the sonic shades were a ridiculous idea, and not the good kind of ridiculous. At least, that’s how I, and many others feel. I’ve noticed your comments are extremely opinionated, Dr. Moo, and I think it’s time someone reminded you that your ‘holier than thou’ attitude isn’t tolerated by some. Many people dislike some of the creative decisions the show has taken of late, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Yet whenever I see your comments pop up, they’re always tinged with nastiness and an obsessive cult-like admiration for Steven Moffat, as well as a reluctance to criticise the man’s work. All I’m saying is that yours, like mine or anyone else, is just one of countless viewpoints. Not trying to antagonise you, just a reminder that some of us disagree (e.g. ‘Hell Bent’ was extremely divisive, and for good reason.)

        • Dr. Moo

          That’s an interesting comment. If it’s okay with you, allow me to back myself up here with regard to what you’ve just said to/about me.

          “I’ve noticed your comments are extremely opinionated” – Because I want to put my opinions out there and share them. I’m perfectly entitled to do so.
          “your ‘holier than thou’ attitude … your comments are always tinged with nastiness” – I’m not aware of such things, sorry if that’s how I come across as it’s never my intention.
          “an obsessive cult-like admiration for Steven Moffat” – Not true, I just appreciate the majority of his writing and think he’s been a real boon to the show in its quality, something a majority of critics will back me up on.
          “a reluctance to criticise [Moffat]’s work” – Not true, I just really enjoy the vast majority of it.

          • Ottoman Wilde

            Thank you for keeping things civil. I’m not trying to accuse you of anything here, and of course you’re entitled to your opinions, I just find many of your comments to come across as though you know better, but comments can easily be misinterpreted. Another reason I wanted to communicate with you is because, as someone who is an aspiring writer and has great respect for those working in the industry, I often find your comments against Chris Chibnall to be less critically motivated and more biased against the man’s works, which I find odd. Not only has he achieved great success in his work, having created the critically acclaimed Broadchurch (despite an inferior second season, season 1 is still acclaimed) and as someone with lots of experience, a lot of people on this site come across as unnecessarily arrogant and disrespectful. The man, like all the other writers on the show, is a professional, and I find it bizarre how someone behind a keyboard ruthlessly attacks him as though they know better than he does.

          • Dr. Moo

            (I was wondering if you’d follow-up with a mention of that.)

            I’ve got nothing against Chris Chibnall, since anyone who can write the likes of Countrycide, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Fragments and Exit Wounds deserves some respect, but I do feel as though his appointment as showrunner was odd given his otherwise-questionable track record outside of those few I just mentioned. I’m open-minded that he may surprise me and prove capable of doing a good job, being a good showrunner and good writer require different skills after all, but I’m not exactly waiting with bated breath to see what he’s got lined up. We’ll see where he takes the show. Broadchurch, for example, was successful (even though series two was a trainwreck) so clearly the BBC believe in him to keep the momentum going. I only wish I could see the same potential they do.

            As you have said, “comments can easily be misinterpreted” and what you’re offering me right now is the chance to help clarify some of mine. I hope I’ve managed to clear some things up! 🙂

          • Ottoman Wilde

            Thank you, Dr. Moo. It’s encouraging to see I was wrong, and I see now you’re more levelheaded and courteous than I initially had you down for. I just wanted to make clear that sometimes comments can come across as quite arrogant, but I’m glad we cleared up this misunderstanding. And I’m also glad you’re enjoying the show in it current state.

          • Dr. Moo

            That’s the thing with internet comments, they can be interpreted in more than just the intended way. It’s easy to miss the tone and that can totally change the meaning!
            When I write my Who-related articles (check them out on warpedfactor . com – forgive me of the shameless plug!) I have more time and space to get my thoughts organised, reasoned out and elaborated upon, not the case in the context of commenting.

            Thanks for an encouraging an uplifting comment. I strive to be a “levelheaded and courteous” person so I’m pleased to see that I’ve proven myself to be one in your eyes despite an unfortunate initial impression. Suffice to say this conversation has been something of a wakeup call to me to be clearer and less abrasive, by all means call me out on it if you catch me straying from that path in the future!

        • Matthew Burrows

          Funny, I feel its the other way. The RTD fan’s hate Mofff so much…however you just have to say Farting Aliens…and they soon shut the fuck up.,

          • Dr. Moo

            While I agree that RTD has many flaws (but he has good qualities too) I’ve never felt that the farting aliens were as big a crime as many make them out to be. Consider that we can compare them to the sight of Peter Kay in a fat suit, paving slabs, frozen vomit, 90% of what Rose Tyler did… but he’s still got several good things to his name, most of all that he’s the man who brought back Doctor Who.

          • Ottoman Wilde

            There’s snobbery on both sides. Both Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat have accomplished great things, and both have made some mistakes (which is inevitable.)

  • Dr. Moo

    I’m looking forward to this season so very much. It feels like it’s all beginning to come together now. Bring on the adventures of the Twelfth Doctor, Bill and Nardole! Why isn’t it 2017 yet? It feels so close yet so far away!!!