‘In the Forest of the Night’ writer returns to ‘Doctor Who’ for Season 10 ep

Frank Cottrell-Boyce has written an episode of Doctor Who for the new season.

The British screenwriter and author made his Doctor Who debut in 2014 with Season 8’s ‘In the Forest of the Night’.

Cottrell-Boyce’s new story will be Season 10’s second episode, the BBC confirmed today.

Episode 1 will be Steven Moffat’s season opener, which will introduce Pearl Mackie as Bill and feature the return of Matt Lucas as Nardole.

Doctor who In the Forest of the Night

Steven Moffat has defended the scientific inaccuracy of Cottrell-Boyce’s previous episode, which featured a forest growing overnight and taking back the Earth.

He said in 2014: “There were people who thought it was maybe scientifically inaccurate – they’re wrong, I checked with the scientists – and any piece of television that includes the line of dialogue ‘catastrophe is the metabolism of the universe’ as a part of popular entertainment has to be… a beautiful episode!”

Season 10 begins filming in Cardiff next week.

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The new season of Doctor Who will air on BBC One in spring 2017, with Pearl Mackie joining Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as new companion Bill.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

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  • Dr. Moo

    ItFotN is in my bottom three DW stories of all time. Why the writer is returning is beyond my comprehension. Well the writer of eggmoon delivered a Zygon masterpiece a year afterwards so every bad writer deserves a shot to redeem themselves.

    • Edward Delingford

      And Tom Macrae went from the dreadful Cyberman two parter to the exquisite Girl Who Waited, so it does happen. I dislike Forest but mainly because it was so out of place in series 8. It would have been lovely for Sarah Jane but just wrong for the very grown up and sophisticated story telling of series 8. Surely Peter Harness will be back. His work with Moffat on the superb Zygon episodes last year was up with the best in new Who. I don’t mind Moon Egg as the last scenes on the beach were just gorgeous.

      • Dr. Moo

        For Moffat to get Mike Bartlett is a real coup. Here’s an exciting observation – not much fanfare has been made of his involvement. So if he’s not one of those brain exploding writers Moff promised us, just who is???

        • Edward Delingford

          I know. Please, please Iannucci but could be anyone. Really excited for the reveal of the second name. Bartlett is a huge name, so he is definitely one of the two big new writers who approached Moffat.

          Sometimes in the fevered little Who world where so much energy is expended by some in hurling abuse at Steven Moffat, they need to stand back and realise he is a giant of the British television industry, highly respected and revered for his talent and success in building the BBC’s two greatest and most internationally popular franchises. Top notch writers are literally queuing up to work with him, particularly since Peter Capaldi was cast as the Doctor. Hard to think of any other drama produced anywhere which has such a diverse and talented set of writers.

          • James Golbey

            Top notch writers are one thing but if they don’t get “Doctor Who” you end up with In the Forest of the Night. A yawnfest with no redeeming features and an odd ending. Let us not forget that there are previous writers that Moffat is not engaging who could write better episodes. I am hoping for less stars and more fans. Where is the brilliant Paul Cornell to follow up The Family of Blood/Human Nature? Gareth Roberts’ lighter stories? MacRae? Shearman?

            I agree with the Doc though, the Zygon two-parter was a great piece of TV while Kill the Moon wasn’t so much. However, Mathieson’s impresive double wasfollowed up with the viking nonsense. Whether FC-B can pull it off this time we will have to wait and see.

            The return of Sarah Dollard, not mentioned here but public knowledge, was also expected though Face the Raven was a bit limp and Clara’s scene didn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would.

            I am looking forward to Mike Bartlett though.