It’s the final day of filming on ‘Sherlock’ Season 4!

Sherlock star Amanda Abbington has confirmed that today is the final day of shooting on the show’s new season.

Season 4 began filming in April and is expected to air on BBC One in January 2017.

Abbington, who has played John Watson’s wife Mary since the third season, tweeted a photo this afternoon.

Episode 2 will guest star Toby Jones (Dad’s Army, The Girl) as “one of Doyle’s finest villains”, but little is currently known about Episode 1 or Episode 3.

> Here’s everything we know about Season 4 so far.

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  • James Vaughan

    Was hoping Mary Watson died

    • Sherlockian

      That’s quite mean. Mary is amazing and you barely know things about her yet. How can you judge?

      • IAmNotLegend

        Probably one of the brainless “Sherlock and Watson” shippers.