Jenna Coleman confirms she’s in ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas ep

Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman has hinted at what to expect from this year’s Christmas special.

Written by Steven Moffat, the episode guest stars Spaced actor Nick Frost, Misfits actor Nathan McMullen, and Michael Troughton, the son of actor Patrick Troughton, who played the Second Doctor.

Season 8 concluded last night on BBC One with ‘Death in Heaven’, ending with Clara and the Doctor both lying to each other and parting ways.

Discussing the Christmas special, Coleman told In Style: “It’s written in sections and it’s about dreaming – what is real and what is not.”

She added: “Also Father Christmas is there – played by Nick Frost!”

Doctor Who The Caretaker Clara

Adding to the rumours that Clara is leaving, the actress was asked about her post-Doctor Who plans: “There are no grand plans. I’d like to do some theatre, get back into the rehearsal room. I think it’s all about surrounding yourself with really clever, talented people so you can soak up some of their brilliance!”

The Christmas special is expected to air on Thursday 25 December on BBC One.

Watch the trailer…

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What do you hope to see in the Christmas special? Let us know below…

  • JakeOllyB

    Damn. Thought we’d gotten rid of her! :'(

    • Bob

      So tired of you people!!

    • timmy

      No, but we can get rid of you. Bye!

      • timmy

        *leaves thread, switches the lights off*

  • Kinga

    Yes! I’m really happy, I hope she stays a bit longer, at least for a few episodes in series 9… then it’s inevitable I’m afraid, she’ll leave 🙁

    • Kimberly Stone

      I really like Clara, but changing companions is inevitable. I hope they give her a good send off.

    • She’s leaving at the Christmas special.

      • timmy

        Rumoured to be. End of.

  • Curiosity64

    I hope to see her pregnant with Danny’s child.

    • KB

      I believe she is.

      • I think she might (because of that Danny’s descendant on “Listen”)

        • Kaliaila

          It could be, since it would explain the other thing that she was going to tell him on the phone. But I am thinking bigger, because of what Santa said; maybe have some way to power up the bracelet to take one person one way, and bring 2 people back.

          • Totally agree, specially for what Santa Frost said xD and you’re right, I almost forgot about that important thing Clara was about tell Danny before the accident.

  • Rick

    I would like to see Tht Doctor’s regeneration become unstable and he reverts back to either the tenth or eleventh doctor.

    • That won’t happen, so just give it up.

    • That would be interesting, as every episode would be Doctor-lite due to the Doctors being busy and presumably in America.

    • Gregg Barnes

      Get over it. This is the Doctor we have. Grow up.

    • Ryan Power Ring Kirwan

      I would like to see the back of my hand become unstable and revert your face back to a little kids

    • Lordp0tter

      That is quite a good thought. But on the other hand, I just think that now they are out and will never come back.

    • The family business

      And here’s an example of a person who watched Doctor Who because they thought the lead was always a “hot” person

  • Daniela Bastidas

    Please let clara be in series 9, she deserves a better writting

    • stuart1001

      A better writting? Oh the irony.

  • Knock Knock Knock Knock

    Until she explicitly tells us who she’s playing, I wouldn’t discount the possibility of her playing another redshirt Clara…

  • Adam Humphreys

    I’d like to see Clara in another at least in another 1-2 full series before she goes, also it’d be great if they could bring Danny Pink back and make in a full-time sidekick.

  • frank kri

    i would like to see the 12”doctor hugging i don’t like his cold charisma next to that he has to be more playfull including having fun all i see right now is a bittered doctor like mr scrooge

  • TheShiftyShadow

    This doesn’t actually confirm she’s in it, does it? It just confirms that she knows what it’s about.

  • Peter

    No more Clara, please. I want to watch Doctor Who again, not Clara’s Show.

  • Lovell

    Didnt they indicate her and pink had babies…. Does this mean the past episodes no longer are the past as pink is dead?? Im really going to miss Pink….