Peter Capaldi confirms when ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 will start

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has revealed when the show’s new season will begin.

Season 10 began filming in Cardiff in June, with Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas joining the TARDIS as Bill and Nardole.

Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Chatting to fans this week while filming Episode 3, written by Sarah Dollard (‘Face the Raven’), Capaldi was asked: “When does the new series start?”

The actor responded: “We’re on at Christmas then it starts again in April.”

The BBC had previously only confirmed a vague “spring 2017” air date.

Could Doctor Who be returning to its traditional Easter launch slot? If so, we can expect Season 10 to begin on Saturday 15 April 2017.

Doctor Who 10 Matt Lucas Pearl Mackie Peter Capaldi Bill Nardole Twelfth

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat recently discussed the reason for his decision to bring back Matt Lucas as Nardole, following his appearance in ‘The Husbands of River Song’ last Christmas.

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Are you looking forward to Season 10? Let us know below…

  • Dr. Moo

    Let’s hope the BBC can be bothered to promote it this time round. Last year their total lack of prebroadcast promotion was disgraceful. Also, why didn’t the show have the same airtime every week? This is the BBC’s biggest show, why don’t they treat it like that should deserve?!?!?!

    • Pixc

      definitely ruined it with different air times, but i think it was because of scarier content for younger viewers and is daft to worry about that, I was hoping march but april is ok

      • Dr. Moo

        I get why they’d put it on later but I don’t see why it was done so inconsistently. Do you see them do this to Strictly? Do you see this happen to Eastenders? Because I know I don’t see that! Nobody asks what time these shows will be on because it’s always the same every time – why doesn’t Doctor Who get such treatment?!

    • Ask Michael Grade.

      • Dr. Moo

        It’s a totally different scenario today though, isn’t it? Today it’s actually doing well (series nine was the best show of its genre anywhere in the world critically speaking) and it’s HUGE worldwide like never before. Back when Michael Grade was in charge it was none of these things, so hardly a reasonable comparison.

        • I have to disagree with you here. I wouldn’t say the show is unpopular in any way, but I don’t see people gushing about it either like they used to. Series 9 being the best sci-fi show is purely opinion-based.

          And no, it’s not doing anywhere near as bad as it was in the late 1980s, but times have changed anyway. This is a far more critical era and the BBC is no exception. If Doctor Who doesn’t do as well as it used to(and the numbers tell them it doesn’t), they’ll notice.

          • Dr. Moo

            Series mine was the most positively reviewed sci-fi show anywhere in the world last year. That’s the fact, whether you feel it was deserved is the matter of opinion but it’s the truth.

          • Loki Shaw

            ok so it was the most positive review. lets see there are what, say 300 reviewers round the world (not sure on the figure) who said it was the best, and then there are millions of fans some from the original who era who say it wasnt, now who has more knowledge, the die hard fans, the fnas from the first who era, the new fans, or the few people who say dam the writing is fantastic, the filming and effects are outstanding, lets give it a good review? me personally i would say the millions of fans. some who have watched it for 50 years plus. not some jumped up ‘specialist’ who is paid to watch programmes to write a review.

          • Etrielle

            There can not be a better OPINION? The die hard fan versus the critic? Who cares? Opinions are personal feelings, and one is more special than the other. No one should have a glorified opinion, you either like it or you don’t, and who cares if the person next to you feels the same way. I’m a die hard fan and I felt season 9 was the best of Doctor Who, but why does that make my opinion more important?

          • Mat Greenfield

            I was reading some old forum posts from the tail-end of series eight and I get the impression that Death in Heaven was the watershed moment for the last few people who don’t think Moffat’s work has gotten stale and repetitive (he still has his defenders of course, but anyone who was willing to see his flaws suddenly stopped pretending otherwise). So when people got really hyped for series eight and were so drastically let down by the limp finale, they were a bit more circumspect for series nine. I hated 8 but thought 9 was brilliant; so either a low-hype approach seems to pay off…or my expectations have been drastically lowered.

          • I was very much into Series 9 for most of its run, but Hell Bent really spoiled my memory of it. The episodes might’ve been good, but the arcs that tied them all together were pathetic and will always bother me when going back to rewatch because I know how poorly the series concluded.
            I just want back simple sci-fi storytelling like the E-space trilogy from the classic series, or Bad Wolf. And episodes that don’t constantly feature satirical dialogue that kills the tension.

          • Etrielle

            I was not a fan of season eight, but I didn’t hate it. Death in Heaven wasn’t bad in my opinion. Agree that season 9 was awesome.

    • Withdrawing the entire series from all online services was not a good move on the part of the BBC.

      Some of us do not have traditional TVs anymore, as the major Internet TV providers have more content for lower fees.

      In NZ, the major provider charges about $50 per month for bugger all content repeated endlessly on seemingly random cycles. Online services start at about $10 per month and have huge catalogues of popular shows, many in HD, all “on demand”.

      At it stands, the only way for many people to watch Doctor Who next year will be to use a proxy service to connect to weekly episodes on the BBC web site, for which they will gain no revenue whatsoever.

      • Valerie Potter

        I don’t have cable or satellite TV so we watch the next day on Amazon. (So we always have it showing on the same day, same time!)

  • Edward Delingford

    Maybe I am naive, but I *do* believe all of the mea culpas from the BBC about how they completely screwed over Doctor Who last year and took both thr program and the fans for granted and that they will place it at the forefront of their programming in 2017. It’s good that it will most likely get an Easter Saturday launch, but before that they need eyecatching trailers – how about cinema ones like they had prior to series 8?, Peter needs to appear on BBC Breakfast, Graham Norton et al and a great big red carpet screener for the media and lucky fans of the first episode and maybe a BFI retrospective of the Moffat era. Unlike Rusty, Moffat is far too modest to want to make his final series all about himself, but he deserves a fitting celebration of how he turned the rebooted show into a global phenomenum and brought real artistic credibility to it.

    • Ottoman Wilde

      To be honest, I haven’t heard many positive things about the show in recent years. I quite enjoyed Series 9, but to claim it was a ‘golden age’ is a minority opinion- a minority you’re evidently a part of. Fine if you feel that way, but in my experience, most people are getting sick of Moffat and his repetitive writing style and obsession with bringing people back from the dead. Dead is dead.

      • Edward Delingford

        I agree that apart from the highpoint of Day of the Doctor, latter series 6 and series 7 weren’t as well received by the public or critics in the way series 5 and early series 6 were, with series 5 probably the intersection to date in new Who of mass viewing, social media ubiquity, audience love and critical acclaim and of course awards love with Matt Smith becoming the first actor from the show to be nominated for a BAFTA for his role. The casting of Capaldi and reframing Clara’s personality though from series 8 onwards did seem to reignite more critical interest in the show here and certainly for whatever reasons, led to a really significant increase in overseas viewers. The more cerebral and less zany 12th Doctor seems to have hit a chord with American viewers in particular. I personally feel the casting of an actor of Capaldi’s stature, intelligence and integrity has led to a real blooming of the writing for the show which flowered in series 9. We have had heavier themes and less frenetic pacing, allowing the stories to unfold. Meaningful words over breathless running down corridors. ‘Listen’ and ‘Heaven Sent’ are absolute masterpieces and destined for all time classic status. I am certainly not alone in that view.

        Series 9 though really cemented the Capaldi- Moffat partnership. It *is* true that series 9 is the most critically acclaimed in modern Who (Rotten Tomatoes aggregator of reviews of all television shows in the UK and US had series 9 of Who as both the best reviewed sci fi/fantasy show of 2015 as well as one of the three best reviewed returning shows of any genre in 2015. Those are the facts. Doctor Who series 9 made most “Top 10” television shows of 2015 lists as well. Critics here and in the US universally loved what Capaldi and Moffat achieved last year. Go back and read reviews in any of the papers or reputable genre sites. Apart from probably ‘Sleep No More’, it’s wall to wall 4 and 5 star reviews). The term ‘golden age’ has also been used time and time again in reviews and by fans about the success of series 9. Given it is Moffat’s last hurrah, there is a sense that last year he delivered from the heart.

        Of course, we all have our own views. For me, series 9 is the absolute pinnacle of new Who, but others might prefer series 5. Critics though seem to have settled on a rare degree of unanimity about the quality of series 9, even those who didn’t entirely like series 8. We should be celebrating all of the critical accolades the show has been getting of late.

        • Ottoman Wilde

          You raise some good points, Edward, but don’t read too much into what ‘respectable’ critics think. Most critics aren’t interested in the mythology of the show and tend to praise surface attributes rather than looking deeper. For example- ‘Hell Bent’ was (rather bizarrely) lauded by critics, but is extremely divisive among fans. One of the main reasons is that, because fans become so invested in the overarching narratives, the expectation for Moffat and co increases tenfold. Critics have no such expectations, and therefore are usually much happier with whatever they’re given. ‘Heaven Sent’ was an outstanding accomplishment, but ‘Hell Bent’ betrayed many of themes that episode stood for. For example, ‘Heaven Sent’ was all about the Doctor coming to terms with grief, but resurrecting and immortalising his dead friend in the next episode completely retcons this. Critics were probably just happy that Clara was fine and well, but death no longer means anything in the show. I’ve lost many relatives, and I feel it’s important that children learn to accept and come to terms with death as a natural part of life. That’s just how I feel.

          • Oliver Martin

            Some of us just watch for enjoyment and don’t get too worried about plot arcs if each episode is well written and acted. I have only watched the show seriously since 2010 and last year really knocked it out of the park for me because the stories were so interesting and all different. It just felt really fresh like Matt’s first series. I didn’t care about the hybrid arc because it didn’t prevent me enjoying all of series 9 including Hell Bent which I liked because it was funny, scary, thrilling and poignant – what more can you ask for? It is good that the show can be enjoyed on the basic level of whether it is good television and also for those who love the timey wimey complex arcs. The second group may be occasionally disappointed if things don’t land they way they hoped but it sounds like most viewers and the critics really just liked the good stories and acting we got last year which is why series 9 was so popular.

          • Ottoman Wilde

            Therein lies the problem. As you say, these days people only watch for ‘basic’ pleasures. They’re no longer capable of interpreting deeper meanings or applying a critical mindset. Effectively what you’ve just proved is that, rather than demand the highest standard of quality, people are willing to embrace second best because they’re only looking for basic pleasures. It frustrates me that whenever I raise good points in regards to narrative illegitimacy, people just shrug it off because the episode gave them ‘feels.’

          • c stump

            i’d refute the conclusion you reach from this simple exchange… as well
            as your example of ‘narrative illegitimacy’. i don’t think heaven sent
            can be conclusively defined as “all about … coming to terms with
            grief” whatsoever. at no point did i see any of this established by any
            of his actions/decisions/expressions… in fact it seems to me to
            embrace something beyond any typical/relatable stages of grief or
            resolution… he doesn’t just fight it, he ‘wins’… by focusing
            singularly for half of all time (?) on a commitment to combating and
            soundly defeating the necessity of grief, and championing the
            timelessness and indomitable nature of loving bonds. you should consider
            that, though this thread has reinforced your conceptualization of the
            narrative, it could be that you are missing out on it’s significance
            because you don’t find it personally relatable/reconcilable/relevant.
            diffrent strokes..

            I happen to see the ‘new who’ as having
            steadily grown from something a little embarrassing to indulge in to
            something i could write extensive theses on and take a great deal of
            creative and deeply personal revelation/inspiration from. i believe the
            character is of a level of complexity that is not human but extrapolated
            extrahuman, and the repetitive and cyclical nature of the experiences
            can dull and ring hollow… but i saw something new with the latest arcs
            that i had never seen and only existed in my imagination… a purely
            human(-inspired?) complexity in response to a purely inhuman experience
            set… which has been hinted at muchly, was taken for granted in the
            early era, yet had not been genuinely and thoroughly embodied in any of
            his ‘personalities’ since these rebooted series began. i feel capaldi
            has mesmerizingly integrated such disparate aspects as to have very
            distinctly progressed this character to a new level that is more
            reminiscent of classic doctor and truly someone that humans and species
            the universe over can call their hero, their inspiration… rather than
            someone cute and endearing worthy of making glittery gifs and blogs
            about [barf ;]

            so tldr some people feel the urge/desire for a
            certain standard/product in the same manner which you do in large
            respect, yet come to a very different conclusion in analysing the same
            material… and i am quite unafraid of very harsh criticism… in fact
            it is my primary method of enjoyment! i just find this latter era of
            character and story to provide far superior satisfaction across the
            board when compared to all the who i know. (alright clara’s casting
            isn’t my favorite, but i don’t complain much about it because she pulls
            it off, and people irl certainly rarely match appearance/presumptions to
            content/character… so in that sense she is more believable than a
            more satisfying character such as… c tate, who i thoroughly enjoyed
            throughout even if i did initially presume her to be a temporary comedic

          • Etrielle

            I feel season 9 was of the highest quality and was brilliantly done. You make good points, but remember they are opinions and not everyone agrees with you, which doesn’t make them less intelligent or less artistic. It’s just an opinion.

      • The Truth

        Death is just another word for “man flu”!

        • Ottoman Wilde

          Death= Permanent.

    • owens

      Love him much? I look at the picture above and know that I’m not even going to record it to watch if there is absolutely nothing else on – Moffat made it a global phenomenon? Yeah right. I live in the states and it was Russel T. that created something we wanted to watch since Moffat took over we have been hoping for something to be passionate about. I complained about the early 11 episodes but I had no idea how bad it could get. The current writing and characters belong right back with doctors 6 & 7 . Steven Moffat and John Nathan Turner have a lot in common. I just hope the new person takes over before the show is completely dead and have to lay fallow again before it can be resurrected.

    • Loki Shaw

      yes he re booted it but in the past couple of seasons he has ruined it. playing with too much, doing things in his words ‘because i can’ and this is no where near a golden age for dr who, i think you live a very sheltered life as people are very unimpressed with the recent seasons, more and more do not like capaldis doctor. and many are so looking forward to the new era with a new head and hopefully a new doctor

      • Flipper

        A lot of people don’t like it but I don’t get why, I’ve loved it and I love the 12th Doctor. Maybe that’s because I just watch the show and don’t analyse the writing and production.

        • Etrielle

          I agree. (:

  • SaoSea

    Thank God it’s airing on the first half of the year.

  • Scott M

    ugh… so tired of waiting….

    • Stacey Shea

      Same zzz

  • Donald J. Trump

    When I’m elected President, silly shows like Doctor Who will be removed from the airwaves. They are un-American. We need more good, wholesome American shows, such as COPS, and Jackass, and anything on the Fox News channel.

    • Etrielle

      Ha ha!

  • MargaretL

    For any doubters about the popularity of series 9 and Capaldi, GB has some great analysis by one of its stalwarts taken from the last DWM survey which shows series 9 the most popular/highest rated by episode in new Who and one of the highest in all 52 years oand Capaldi more highly regarded than either Tennant or Smith and just behind Eccleston ( who is advantaged by the one and only series effect). These kinds of results are as good as it gets as they are taken from long term Who fans. It’s pretty clear series 9 is incredibly well regarded and I think it will continue to grow in status. Deffo ‘Golden Age’ for me and apparently majority of DWM readers! Good night.

    • Daniel

      I think those results show that while DW has lost some casual viewers over recent years, it has retained its core audience of both long time DW watchers and those who have come aboard with nuWho and those people seem to really love series 9. So despite some people not liking series 9 or not liking maybe Hell Bent, the overall majority of critics and DW fans do rate series 9 as the most consistently good in nuWho. I guess we tend to see a lot of negativity simply because that is how the internet works when the silent majority really love what late era Moffat has done.

  • Oliver Martin

    Easter is a good time to start as they can make a big lead up to it, rather than hide it away like last year. I know lots of people who missed the start last year because they didn’t know it was on and then didn’t bother watching because they missed a lot. Some others who missed the start waited until the end and then bingewatched before Christmas. Last year was awesome – count me in with those who say best series ever. Big hopes for next year as Moff has mentioned that there is going to be something really special. I hope we see a Two Doctors special to farewell Moff with Peter and Matt. If not, I would like to see Wilf and 12 together.

  • Etrielle

    Season 9 was by far my favorite season, which is good because season 8 was one of my least favorite seasons. “The Husbands of River Song” was also my favorite episode which was the last episode aired, so I can’t wait to see what the creative team at the BBC bring us next! (:

  • David Shaw

    Opinion: I like Capaldi’s Doctor.. I’ll say this, for Matt Smith, by the end it seemed like Moffett was running out of ideas, for Capaldi, each episode (but not *every* episode; i mean it is attemped) has a high quality ‘movie’ feel to it. Story wise; There is certain complexities to *some* of the stories in Capaldi’s run so far, that I have not seen since Tom Baker’s tenure. ‘Heaven Sent’ .. to me was simply. a masterpiece. Series 8 had its sketchy moments, series 9, possibly the best series of the new era, imho ofc.

  • Richard Fitzwel

    Wait till June for season 10, Oh HELL NO!!!

    I think if enough Dr. Who fans put there head together we could come with a way to some how put someone of us at that meeting they had when they decided to start season 10 in June instead of April and stop it at all cost………