‘Doctor Who’ star Peter Capaldi hopes Jenna Coleman will stay for Season 10

Peter Capaldi is hoping that Jenna Coleman won’t be leaving Doctor Who this season.

Steven Moffat admitted earlier this year that that Coleman had planned to depart at the end of Season 8, then again in last year’s Christmas special, before changing her mind.

Asked by EW if Season 9 would be Coleman’s final episodes, Capaldi replied: “I hope not.”

He also hinted at what fans should expect from the Doctor and Clara’s relationship in this year’s new episodes, following their reunion in ‘Last Christmas’: “They’ve suddenly realized that they are the most fortunate people in all of time and space and are hellbent on adventure. Jenna continutes to deliver a beautifully nuanced, complex, and funny performance that marks her out as one of the best companions ever.”

Doctor Who Tenerife

Capaldi also revealed that his Doctor’s spiky character will have mellowed since his first season: “He’s throwing himself into life with a newfound hunger for adventure. He’s in pursuit of joy and grabbing every thrill that he can along the way.”

He teased ominously: “But I sense him running from something, that even he does not yet understand.”

The cast are currently shooting the two-part season finale, directed by Rachel Talalay (‘Dark Water’, ‘Death in Heaven’).

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Season 9 has been filming in Cardiff since January and will begin on BBC One in September.

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Do you hope Jenna Coleman will stay for another season? Let us know below…

  • Dr. Moo

    I agree with him in principle. I really like Clara and was pleased when she didn’t leave. On the other hand I’d really like to see Twelve with a variety of companions. Of course if he sticks around for years (Let’s have him beat Tom’s record!) then I see no problem with Jenna staying for series ten although that should be the end or she’ll be outstaying her welcome.

    • Suzanne_G

      I want Peter to stay on for a long as he wants. He is completely the doctor for me and because he has that great range which Matt also had, he can literally do anything. I agree that it would be good to see another companion/s just to see how Peter would play the relationship. I really like Clara and think that she and 12 are a wonderful combination but equally Jenna is a brilliant actress and now that she has made her mark, if I was her agent I’d be telling her to step off now. Doctor Who has never been so popular around the world and particularly in the US as it has become with Peter’s doctor, so should try to ride that wave now. Look at Matt with three big movies and a leading role in a major television series under this belt just this year.

    • Liana

      I think is the moment for a new Companion, I want see Twelve with someone different in the TARDIS, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciated Clara, it’s just that I think we need someone new.

      • guest1212

        I agree with this. Jenna has done a stellar job with Clara but I felt like Last Christmas would have been a great ending for the character. Glad that Peter wants her to stick around but if she does move on, I will have felt like she had a good run on the show.

  • Mack59

    I personally hope Capaldi’s Doctor doesn’t mellow out too much as I found his personality in the latter part of last years run to be the perfect balance between alien and mad man in the blue box.

    • Suzanne_G

      Peter really completely nailed it by the end of series 8. By the end of the series he had just nudged Matt and Tom out of the top spot for me. Peter just has that something that Matt had in spades but which neither Eccleston or Tennant ever had – Peter and Matt are the doctor, Chris and David are actors playing the doctor.

      • Mack59

        I hope his tenure as the Doctor is as long as Tom’s because his performance is as good as Matt’s and Tom’s at their best. I’m sure as a man playing his dream role we’ve a lot more to see from Peter. The best is yet to come.

        • Suzanne_G

          I think they’ll need to prise Peter Capaldi out of the TARDIS. I think having a new companion would be good as Peter Capaldi is super versatile like the way Matt Smith was and he has so much potential to develop doctor 12 further. Peter is now my favorite, just ahead of Matt with Tom, Paul (for his audio adventures) and Sylvester just behind. Haven’t seen much of Hartnell or Troughton. Eccleston is my least favorite and not fussed about any of the others.

          • Mack59

            Paul, Sylvester and Colin have really blossomed thanks to Big Finnish and it saddens me that we never saw them do it in the TV programme.

            Unfortunately I’m old enough to have watched Doctor Who since it began so am very familiar with all of the Doctors. Capaldi bridges the gap perfectly between the Classic Doctors and the re-boot Doctors. He’s silenced (pun intended) the critics who said he was too old, in much the same way as Smith did when they said he was too young, by being brilliant in the part.

            I hope he stays at least until the end of season 12.

          • Suzanne_G

            I really like that Peter has become the one doctor everyone seems to agree upon as being good without too much hesitation. The old Who crowd like him because he is a long time fan and he goes out of his way to acknowledge the previous docs is his performance (he’s imperious and not blokey like 10) and the new Who crowd like him because he is really cool and sarky. The other doctors since the show came back have been quite divisive – Chris because he left after only one series and he hasn’t jumped on the Who bandwagon the way other actors have (and the stories in his time were so cr@p – farting aliens and burping bins); David had the problem of having bat-sh*t crazy fangirls, plus his doctor was very unlikeable because of his vanity issues and David sometimes seemed to act like his doctor was bigger than the show; Matt was seen as being too young and not David, but went on to be acknowledged as the best actor to ever play the doctor up to that point. Peter though seems to make pretty well everyone happy now. I hope he stays for as long as he wants which I think will happen as he doesn’t need the part to get fame, he is hugely popular with all of the production crew and he is obviously loving being the doctor. He is also the best publicity machine they have ever had and like Matt seems happy to go anywhere and do anything to promote the show. The show is really onto a keeper with Peter.

          • Mack59

            I agree and with season 9 having a several 2 parters along with a finale which Moffat has described as ” a whopper ” I’m hoping for the best season of the re-boot.

          • Suzanne_G

            All signs do point to this being a stellar series. Having Peter Capaldi so universally well accepted really helps. Having a genuinely first rate actor in the role who also understands the whole Who legacy is so great for the show. Think it’s the first time we’ve had this match so far since 2005 (Chris is a first rate actor but never connected with the legacy, David is only a journeyman actor but a big fan , Matt proved to be a first rate actor but didn’t have the Who background, Sir John is also first rate but no Who background). Let the good times roll.

          • Mack59

            And roll on Autumn too for the best season in ten years of the re-boot.

          • Ben H

            I never once saw David act like his Doctor was bigger than the show, ever. He was also pretty unanimous amongst the audience; everyone loved him. The others I can see, but what you say about David’s Doctor and David himself is wrong.

        • Liana

          I was talking with friends once that maybe not as long as Tom, but I see him staying until at least 2018, when he’s going to hit 60, that it would a respectable age for leaving and he’d do as the Oldest Doctor on active (I think Bill Hartnell regenerated at 58-59), so I see him doing 5 series like Jon Pertwee.

          • Mack59

            I believe Troughton was 65 when he returned in the Colin Baker era’s story The Two Doctors. I would be happy to see Capaldi stay on till 2018 hopefully sparking off a new companion hopefully a male because I can see Capaldi and a “Jamie” type of bloke having a great chemistry.

          • Liana

            I meant as the Titular Doctor, not counting comebacks, counting comebacks, it’s probably Patrick Troughton, or Jon Pertwee if you count the Dimensions inTime.
            I also want a male Companion, as similar as Jamie if it’s possible, Jamie is my baby, and because in the new Series we haven’t had a main male companion, as Rory, as Jack and Mickey are more in a second place after Amy or Rose.

          • Mack59

            Ahhhh I see what you mean about Titular Doctor and no I certainly don’t count DoctorEnders as canon. I’m glad that you also want a male companion after ten years a main male would be refreshing.

      • Dr. Moo

        Matt is my firm favourite but Peter’s managed to claim second place. But then the rest of my top five is Sylvester, Colin and Sir John so what do I know?

  • Ella

    I love their chemistry. The best since Tennant and Tate. But maybe they should add another companion to the mix 🙂 Otherwise, I don´t mind 🙂

  • John McJohnson

    Haters in 3… 2… 1…

    • timmy

      It’s fine, they’ll be easy to ignore as always.

      • Gwynnion

        That’s ok, luv, we ignore you, too.

        We’ll continue to do it, too, when she eventually, and thankfully, will leave, and you lot will be moaning and crying over it.

      • Zoe

        I’m sure the internet will explode with happiness when she leaves.

        • Dr. Moo


          • Aaron Gemmell

            *Overflowing Joy!

          • Dr. Moo

            We’re never going to agree on this are we? No matter, we’ll likely see which way it goes after series nine as I doubt she’ll be back for S10.

  • Aaron Gemmell

    Hell no! I hoped she was leaving have way through this season. How can I like someone whos best quality is lying?

    • Zoe

      Lying, moaning, bitching, tired of travelling with the Doctor and sees it as a chore, ignoring the entire human majority in crucial matters thinking she knows it all better than anyone, she insults the Doctor any chance she gets, threatens him, has a lame love life, boring background, nothing to root for. I can’t believe she’s the “Impossible Girl”. I’d call her the Impossibly Bitchy Mary Sue, whose only redeeming quality is her tight skirt and her annoying pixie nose.

      • Dr. Moo

        Worst companion ever is Rose Tyler. She was good at first but then became irritating and b****y.
        Second worst we have Peri, the character who’s only character traits were moaning about everything and being overly sexualised.
        Mel and Adric were both actively trying to turn the audience against them with her constant screaming and his “I’m cleverer than you and I know it” attitude.

        Anyone who thinks Clara is worse than that lot is just sticking their head in the sand and ignoring facts.

        • Aaron Gemmell

          I’m not saying shes the worst. (Rose holds that spot tight) I just hate her, and want to see the twelfth with someone who’ll treat him with actual respect, and a better personality then the backstabbing hypocrite known as Clara.

          • Dr. Moo

            Note that I never said Clara was perfect! Personally I like Clara and I found it interesting how we got a more unstable relationship between Doctor and companion between 12 & Clara. That seems to have mellowed a bit after the christmas episode now though and I look forward to seeing where they go with it next.

        • Suzanne_G

          Amen. Rose is THE WORST companion in all of Who by several miles. She infected most of David Tennant’s time in the Tardis and it’s part of the reason I never really enjoyed the show until Matt turned up. People go on about Clara changing her personality between 11 and 12 but it is nothing like the way Rose changed from her time with 9 and then with 10. Steven Moffat is so much better at writing female characters than Russell. Steven’s are strong and empowered women, Russell’s are just young girls going all goo-goo eyed at the hawt Doctor or nagging old biddies for mothers.
          I am happy if Clara stays as I like the Clara 12 combination as much as I liked Amy 11 – those two are the best by far in nuWho, but the main thing is that Peter has to stay. He has already become my favourite doctor along with 4 and 11 and some of the stories this year seem epic.

          • Dr. Moo

            The only RTD companion I can stand is Donna. But look at the originally planned companion for series four Penny and feel your blood start to boil.

          • Suzanne_G

            It’s such a joke that people say Steven Moffat can’t write female characters well when you compare his companions to Russell Davies. Steven has given us River, Amy, Clara and Kate Stewart – all great strong independent women you’d want on your side, Russell has given us a string of companions who are totally defined by their love for the doctor and their battle axe mothers. I sure know which ones I’d prefer my daughters to see as role models. Steven writes all of his chatcters really well, but I think he excels with women. Never heard of Penny but can’t say I ever rewatch that much of Who before Matt came along.

          • Dr. Moo

            The idea of Penny was to have her as a northern woman who shared a romantic attraction with the Doctor. Thank the Lord that never hapenned, but there’s a character in Partners In Crime named Penny in tribute to what could’ve been.

          • Suzanne_G

            Sounds awful. Russell Davies only seems to be able to write the one type of companion. Was never more pleased than when Steven took over. I loved the show as a kid (heck I liked Sylvester and wanted to be Ace) but was so disappointed with the new version and sort of stopped watching it because it just wasn’t my Who. Partly it was because I hated hated Rose so much and you may as well have called the first two series, the Amazing Mary Sue Rose and the Other Bloke. Since Steven and Matt came in, I’ve really rekindled my old love for the show and never thought Matt could be bettered but wham! then in comes Peter Capaldi.

  • David Strachan

    Just get rid of her already! As the 8th Doctor Paul McGann said in one of the big finish audios, “Everybody Leaves”. Weather you love or hate a companion, they all have to end their run and Clara is overstaying her welcome already.

  • I’d like her to stay for Season 10…but I’d be incredibly surprised if she did.

  • bubcus

    I really enjoyed the Christmas Special and am hoping that the humor picks up where that special left off. There’s enough dark and brooding shows out there, it’s nice to have a family fun adventure with scares here and there.

  • Mayra Plum

    Beside the fact that I dislike her, I think the Doctor NEEDS a new companion. Her story feels uncomfortably stretched already in a way that is not interesting since the end of season 7

  • Larry Vannoy

    Season 8 suggests that Clara has to leave soon or at least take a break to have Danny Pink’s Kid.

    • Margi Fisher

      Except Moffat confirmed Clara’s not pregnant…that Orson isn’t her and Danny’s descendent as Listen seemed to imply but just a descendent from another part of Danny’s family. Which I think is dumb….but hey, not my story >_>

  • Colin Hurlston Jr.

    I can’t wait for Season 9. I want to see what changes Capaldi has brought to The Doctor. I don’t mind Clara as much as I would rather the show focus more on The Doctor. After Tennant, Capaldi is already my second favorite Doctor. He is really brilliant.

  • Clarafan

    What wrong with clara rlly people. If amy stay for more seasons you will be happy but clara … no tell me why

  • Shockwave527

    I hope not. Not because I don’t like Clara, I like her, but bear with me. New companions show a new side to the Doctor, which we’re not getting as much of with consistent Clara. Without Danny she no longer necessarily has a huge entourage outside of The TARDIS, which is what makes Companions interesting. Rose had this, Amy had this, and they were great. I don’t want to have Clara be the 12th doctor’s only companion. As far as we know, Clara’s with the doctor, and not adding an interesting “pick me up” dynamic like Amy and Rory had in the later period with them, completely changing up who they were as people. We’ve had Clara for 1.5 seasons and probably at least one more, and I think that’s enough, longer than Rose and the same as Amy, and I just don’t think Clara has as much to her as either of those characters, such that new things may just feel tacked on. Again, I love the chemistry between the two and how she works with the Doctor, but I don’t think she warrants staying for so long.

  • tess

    I want someone new, someone older for once. I’m getting tired of young companions, and under Moffat’s writing they all end up being very similar or basically the same, ”look at me I’m a strong independent woman, look how sassy I am!” who think they can get their way by smacking the Doctor across the face, because haha! Hitting a man is funny if it’s a woman, right guys?

    I love Capaldi as the Doctor and I’ve actually grown to like Clara finally (although the plot between her and Danny was terrible…) but I think the show would benefit from having someone new along for the ride that isn’t like all these young, sassy companions.

  • Cierra

    Season 9 would have been 100% better with out her. Keeping her around for Season 9 was completely stupid and pointless.

  • Liana

    I live Calra, but I think her moment to step out the TARDIS is coming, she’s been more or less the same time as Amy, Rory or Jamie, Sarah and Jo on the classic.
    And also I think that now Peter Capaldi has established himself as The Doctor, it’s the perfect time for get some new blood and dynamics.
    I have my little hopes in Rigsy becoming a Companion, I think he’d could have some great dynamics on the TARDIS with Twelve.

  • Grumpy Cat

    I hate Clara almost as much as I hate Clara haters.

  • Ben H

    I love Clara and Doctor Who! 😀

    Felt the need to add some positivity to this depressing comment section. Lighten up!

  • RoastNewt

    Well I can’t wait to see Clara in season 9. Season 8 did wonders with her character and she made a fantastic double act with Capaldi. The only thing which held her back, in my opinion, was the Danny Pink storyline. Don’t get me wrong – Moffat’s heart was definitely in the right place, but personally, I found the whole ‘leave or stay’/’him or me’ dilemma that Clara faced last season completely unnecessary, and a distraction from the fantastic duo of Coleman and Capaldi, which is why I’m so glad Peter and Jenna are doing another series together with Danny out of the picture.

  • The_Eternal_Dalek

    I hope she leaves this Christmas, because then she’ll have a claim on the longest serving companion title, but it still won’t be clear cut and the fans can have yet another thing to argue over on the internet, because that’s what we all love, isn’t it?