Peter Capaldi is ‘on amazing form’ in new season of ‘Doctor Who’

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has been chatting about what to expect when the show return this autumn.

Season 9 began filming in Cardiff in January.

Speaking to DS about the new episodes at this week’s BAFTA nominations party, Moffat teased: “We always move it on. I don’t think we’ve ever done two consecutive series exactly the same. But [this year] it’s the same two stars.”

He added: “[Peter Capaldi] is on amazing form at the moment. I was looking at some of his first series stuff and thinking ‘it’s magnificent, but it’s nothing compared to what he’s doing now’.”

Doctor Who Last Christmas Clara scream

The writer hinted at what’s coming up for Jenna Coleman as Clara too: “[Clara’s journey in Season 9] is very pronounced. I can’t say too much about it. She continues to complicate and that relationship between the two of them is incredibly strong.”

Moffat has also discussed the shift towards more two-part stories in the new season.

> Here’s everything we know about Season 9 so far.

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  • Helles

    If Capaldi is even greater than last series, it will be truly astounding. Ironic that Moffat was interviewed at a BAFTA ceremony. It is scandalous that Peter was overlooked this year but it seems the BAFTA don’t always take sci-fi seriously. Looks as though Capaldi will be a dead cert to be nominated for series 9 though if he is delivering such wonderful performances. Never been more excited for a new series of Who than series 9. It promises to be the best ever shown with extraordinary guest stars, great writers and a best ever partnership between 12 and Clara.

    • Aly

      Yeah, I think both PC and JC will be nominated NEXT year. Fingers crossed!

      • Helles

        I am certain Capaldi will be nominated and the show as well. I understand it was a very close thing this year. Critics were unanimous in their praise for Capaldi and just like Smith’s first year, everyone thought he lifted the bar in quality. I think the only reason Capaldi just missed out was some quibbles about the last couple of episodes in terms of overall quality and consistency compared to the rest of he series. Not Capaldi, more the show itself. It is hard to get the oomph to make the best actor list if the show itself isn’t nominated. Personally I would have given Benedict’s nomination to Peter as he delivered 13 superb performances last year. Of course, Peter will find it tough to beat Mark Rylance next year who is pretty well a dead cert to win. but if he is leaving Moffat and Gatiss speechless in admiration and significantly better than last year, who knows?

        Jenna is also unanimously well tegarded and I can really see her getting a support actress nomination. Will be good to see Who getting back into the winners’ circle after Matt got nominated for just about every award in 2011.

  • Elaine Wrenn

    i am so excited about series 9 if he is even better than last series he will blow my socks off with brilliance he is a fantastic actor and the writing is very strong next season seems amazing

  • HAHA

    Just kill her. Honestly. I want the Doctor, not the Clara show.

    • jatrius

      Yep. Clara, Clara, Clara, Clara’s boyfriend, Clara’s relationship with the Doctor, Clara’s story. STOP it right now! Remind me once more of the programme’s title. Can’t we just have thrilling stories, not some wish-fulfillment for the fanboy/girls? With Capaldi in place there’s a chance to get the Doctor back on track with cliffhangers and storylines not some psychobabble nonsense.

      • tardis_blue

        Rose. Rose. Rose. Roses Mum. Roses boyfriend. Roses job. Oh Rose has gone. No Rose is back again. Donna. Donnas mum. Donnas husband. Donnas job. Doctor/Donna. You people are either fucking wilfully stupid or just have very short memories. I don’t care either way.

        • jatrius

          I don’t disagree. It’s been the problem with New Who since its relaunch. Can you imagine Pertwee’s Doctor enquiring after Liz or Jo or Sarah Jane’s family or their sex life?

  • scifidad

    We want series 9 and we want it now. Never been more excited for Who’s return, even the 50th. Every single detail this year points to awesome levels we’ve never had before. Capaldi, Coleman and the Moff are the absolute dream team of Who.

  • Sheoakes

    Capaldi just knocked it out of the park in the first moments he became the doctor. I knew he’d be good of course but seeing him just take on the role so strongly makes you realise he was born to play the role and he has mad the doctor much more what he was like in the older years. If series 9 is way better than series 8, I think Capaldi will firmly become entrenched as the new who version of Tom Baker as the definitive doctor in the mind of the public.

  • Rocío Zamorano Báez

    Last Christmas just left me with a great light in my heart. It was a beautiful story and I’m super excited for series 9.

    • Jen

      I *loved* Last Christmas – along with Christmas Carol the only Christmas special that got it totally right. The scenes between the Doctor and old Clara are probably the best ever in Who and only that reunion between 11 and Amy in the last minutes of Time of the Doctor could give it a run for its money. Capaldi and Coleman together are just amazing and I cannot believe that neither got nominated for a BAFTA. Bummed about that but for sure both will be nominated next year. I have a feeling Clara will be leaving at the end of this year, so expect another masterclass in acting and writing for that farewell scene.

      • Rocío Zamorano Báez

        I couldn’t help it. I was literally crying from happiness at the end of the episode.

        Jenna and Peter definitely deserve the nomination. No doubts about what Jenna can do after playing all those echos in a different way. Oswin felt so different from Victorian!Clara and Timelady!Clara and Clara herself. And this year her character was transforming into someone more mature. In Peter’s case, I approved him since “Listen” but there were a few traits of the Doctor I wanted to see him deliver. And he did it right by the time of Death in Heaven. But we have more time with him to get the nomination. I feel like this is Jenna’s last year too and I’m going to enjoy Twelve and Clara’s dynamic while I can.