Peter Capaldi’s fate in ‘The Musketeers’ Series 2 revealed

The Musketeers star Tom Burke has revealed that Cardinal Richelieu, played by Peter Capaldi, will be dead when the show returns next year.

Series 2 began filming in Prague earlier this month and Capaldi is currently filming the new series of Doctor Who in Cardiff.

Burke, who plays Athos in BBC One’s adventure drama, told Radio Times: “Come the next series the Cardinal will be dead. He’ll just be gone.”

He joked: “We’re all like, ‘Where’s the Cardinal? Oh he’s dead’ It’s a great example of economic storytelling.”

The Musketeers Marc Warren

Replacing Capaldi as the show’s main villain will be Marc Warren (Hustle) as the Comte De Rochefort, “a dashing and persuasive aristocrat with a talent for sword fighting and a taste for adventure”.

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Series 1 concluded on BBC One last month.

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  • Riddles

    I really, truly hope Tom was joking. If true, well, that’s extremely disappointing. I thought the creators surely would have kept the cardinal’s fate unknown just so if Peter ever became available during or after Doctor Who he could return for a few episodes.

    • Gavin Walsh

      It was peters choice 🙂

  • Amanda Britt

    its sad we cant see how he meets his fate as he played such a big part. but really looking forward to seeing him as the new doctor who . really looking forward to the new three musketeers. sunday night gorgeous guys

  • Helen

    I read half way through The Musketeers season 1 that Peter wouldn’t be back as Doctor Who had started filming. Looking forward to seeing what this new guy will be like.