‘Sherlock’ Season 4 begins filming!

Production has finally started on the fourth season of Sherlock.

Cuffs actress Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Watson in Sherlock, confirmed the news on Twitter this morning: “And we are off… #setlock”

> Here’s everything we know about Season 4 so far.

Moffat teased last year: “There are a couple of things we’ve got lined up that are really quite strong surprises, but we’ll see.”

Sherlock Mary

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has been busy shooting his new movie Doctor Strange in New York over the weekend.

Director Scott Derrickson announced on Twitter last night that – with rather perfect timing for Sherlock – production wrapped on Marvel’s Doctor Strange yesterday.

The third season of Sherlock began filming over three years ago in March 2013.

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Are you looking forward to Season 4? Let us know below…

  • Dr. Moo

    I hope that just ‘cos he’s leaving Doctor Who doesn’t mean Moffat’s going to make this season the end of Sherlock.

    • Daniel

      With Martin and Benedict now both huge international stars, getting them together at any one time is always going to be a problem, so my guess is that we’ll have a bumper series 4 and then ad hoc Christmas and other movie length specials in later years. I think it will become increasingly harder for all of the actors to have a couple of months between other projects to film a complete series. With ad hoc specials, Moffat can then simply bring everyone together when it suits. Both Martin and Benedict have said in the past that they would drop everything to do Sherlock and I bet their pay is less than what would be expected of two major stars. When neither Martin nor Benedict can fit it into their schedules and/or when Moffat loses interest, then I think they should draw a line under it and walk away. Without those key figures, it simply won’t be the same.
      I loved The Abominable Bride and particularly that Moffat and Gatiss took a few good old pokes at the unfair criticism levelled at the show in recent times that it has become too full of its own self importance. It’s the same lazy swipes which critics take to Doctor Who (I think it makes them feel oh so superior and special and not part of the mainstream whom they seem to look down on for making those two programs among the most popular television shows in the UK). It was refreshing that Moffat and Gatiss were able to turn the tables and deliberately structure TAB around this very theme. Just like the current version of Doctor Who, Moffat writes for smart people who enjoy a bit of a challenge, rather than ingesting the usual thin pap which passes for so much television. Really looking forward to this. Moffat, Gatiss, Cumberbatch, Freeman, Graves, Stubbs and Co never disappoint.

  • DRLDeBoer

    I’m game!!!

  • Wizza

    Serious return to form required after hit and miss (or miss and hit, to be more accurate) series 3 and atrocious new year special. Moffat and Gatiss need to take the lead again, not just pander to the vocal fanbase’s every whim. Fingers crossed!

  • the game is on……………………..again.