Steven Moffat teases ‘dangerous’ companion relationship in ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9

Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat has revealed that Season 9 will continue to explore the “real” consequences of the companion’s relationship with the Doctor.

Season 9 begins filming in January and it is rumoured that Jenna Coleman will depart as Clara in this year’s Christmas special, ‘Last Christmas’, making way for a new companion next year.

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Discussing how Season 9’s Doctor/companion dynamic will develop, Moffat told SFX: “We took the Doctor/companion relationship to a place that’s just more real in [Season 8], much more damaging and with more consequences. And whoever the companion is [in Season 9], you want to continue that idea.”

He hinted: “It can be a thrilling, exciting relationship but actually it can be a dangerous one too. That felt quite powerful and potent.”

Doctor Who Dark Water Clara

The showrunner added: “What we did this year felt like what it would be like if a young girl got into a very intense friendship with an older time traveller. It’s not the romantic version, it’s not the thwarted romantic version, it’s not the friendship version, it’s not the fairytale version or the imaginary friend version. It’s probably the version that would actually happen.”

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What are your hopes for Season 9’s companion? Let us know below…

  • Mack59

    I’m hoping for a Tardis trio for season 9, possibly a male or non-human character that will give a different dynamic to the Doctor/Clara one we’ve had for the last one and a half seasons.

  • Mitchieedoukenn

    More Science Fiction than “real” consequences of “dangerous” (more like boring) relationships! Bring back the awesome scary stories, less focus on silly relationships that no one cares about. If I wanted to watch a show about relationships with consequences I would watch something boring like Eastenders. Bring RTD back!

    • Buut

      Dude RTD focussed on character relationships more than any other writer…

    • Justin Caynon

      So did you never see the lovey dovey Doctor Rose crap for seasons one and two or are we going to pretend that didn’t happen?

      • Clearly we’re going to pretend that 10 didn’t angst about Rose for 2 seasons as well

    • SMC

      So you believe “relationships” are inherently boring, with or without consequences? You’re bound for a very dull adulthood, IMO.

  • Theodore Trout

    More Clara, please.

    • Daspoo

      More Clara, sure. But make the show about the person it’s named after.

  • courtfan

    If by dangerous he means he going to write in another useless, PIA character like Danny Pink, I won’t be able to watch anymore. What DOES he mean by dangerous relationship, anyway? Clara is 27 or 28. She is not a “young girl”. Moffat seems amazingly naive about women, seriously.

    • Sam Burnett

      But there is a real youthfulness about her or at least there was until Death In Heaven. She never really seemed to grasp that there were real consequences

      • timmy

        Except when she clearly did, as you saw.

    • Justin Caynon

      You seem like you’re just petty and complaining.

    • a.therwellen

      27-28 is quite young actually.

      • courtfan

        It’s not even close to girlhood.

  • whovean

    Idea; Tegan hunts down the Doctor after having dreams that Adric did not die in the crash on earth but is only trapped in the ice age.

    • Luigi Iannelli

      actually ” Tegan hunts down the Doctor after having dreams of the Mara again for the first time in years” could be much more effective

      • Hagar Muhammad

        Oh I like this!

  • Βιβή Παπατσιμούλη

    please please please please please please let Clara for 1 more year or moreee she is wonderful and the best and most compicated companion so far..she deserves mooreee Doctor Who!

    • Danygalw

      Clara is awesome.

  • Ran True

    Need to go back to a younger more jovial Doctor like Tennant or Smith

    • SMC

      Maybe, someday; but I’m happy to travel with a grown-up Doctor (childish moments and all) for a long time, to get the fizzy-flirty taste of too much of recent seasons out of my mouth. I prefer the crack of blinding lightning across a dark and turbulent sky . . . but that’s just me. And clever humor is a joyful thing.

  • Ran True

    Didn’t find last season as good as past seasons but Clara made it worth watching.

  • The Doctor

    Please. No more whiny idiot to belittle the Doctor. This is not Clara Who.

    • timmy

      Okay. Well, she wasn’t whiny, or an idiot, or belittled the Doctor (any more then he did her) and the show was never Clara Who, as parroted by morons on the internet. All of these things were proved by enormous amounts of proof in Dr Who. So, you’ve made a basic mistake. What you have to do to rectify this is, watch Dr Who with your eyes and ears actually open, and your mouth shut. I KNOW! CRAZY TIMES! Just try, try real hard, to do that, and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be ready to join us grown-ups. Make it your Christmas wish! YOU’LL BE SO SPECIAL!

      • timmy

        Well, that was amusing on a slow afternoon, but I’m done now. No responses will be read, bye now 🙂

      • Jo in the know

        Ironic how you talk about being a grown up and yet your whole argument makes you sound like a whining child. If you wanted to prove your argument you should of listed reasons why Clara wasn’t the central point of the show and how it wasn’t making her out to be the Doctor with examples (which you failed to do) instead you just insulted some one for expressing their opinion because you disagreed without giving any evidence for your claims.
        If anything I agree that the show did make it almost seem as if she was becoming the Doctor (boneless episode and moon egg one to mention some examples) and to add to that she was overly controlling (the show pointed it out) and turned on the Doctor in the worst way (loosing his one constant companion the Tardis). Clara has basically been a plot device for moffat and although she was better this season than with Matt I still feel a lack of empathy to her Mary Sue like character (bone to save the Doctor, went back to Doctor’s child hood, reason he took the Tardis…give me a break). If it wasn’t for thee Doctor being so desperately lonely I bet he would have left her behind ages ago.

  • Sadly it looks like she’s leaving. It’s perfect timing. Clara’s pregnant so she’ll stop to raise the baby.

    • MusicallyDramatic

      That’s only a theory. One that I personally have as well, but still a theory. Moffat has neither confirmed nor denied that Clara is pregnant, so we can’t exactly treat that as canon yet.

      • timmy

        If anything, as far as we know she’s staying.

      • I’m not, that’s why I said, “it looks like.”


  • Sammy Rose

    I’m not liking the sound of this. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Season 8 sooo I don’t have high hopes for Season 9…Moffat prove me wrong please!

  • Sofia Reluzco

    I really don’t like Clara at all

    • timmy

      You too!

    • Miz_witch

      I dislike her more than any companion…she grates on my nerves.

      • Jewels Ten

        I felt that way about Donna. I like Clara

  • Guest

    I really dislike Clara

    • timmy

      Well done, dear.

    • Miz_witch

      Me too

  • I think I actually like where the show is going. It beats S7B, in my opinion. And I like how we were all expecting a darker Doctor for S8 but in the end, we got a darker companion.

    • JBL

      It DEFINITELY beats 7B. There’s almost nothing in that series worth repeating, but I got 4 out of this last season that I quite enjoy: Flatline, Mummy on the Orient Express, The Caretaker, and Time Heist.

    • SMC

      Well spotted — I hadn’t seen it that way, but yes.

  • evillordzog

    My hopes? That Moffat announces he’s retiring at the end of the season.

  • MusicallyDramatic

    Really, I think they need to make a Doctor-Companion relationship that’s not nearly as volatile. Don’t get me wrong, I love Clara and I love the Twelfth Doctor. They’re both fantastic characters (and became both my favorite companion and Doctor, respectively). However, since these two had so many bumps in the road, it almost was painful to watch, and made it seem like season eight was more of a Saturday night chore than an enjoyable TV show. Even Clara and Danny had a rough relationship that was built more on lies than romance. The darkness is all fine and well, but people seem to forget that both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors had darkness as well, it just wasn’t in the viewer’s face like it is with twelve (making those dark moments really exciting to watch). The darkness idea doesn’t have to be expelled completely, but if that’s all they’re focusing on, then the show is going to become really REALLY painful to watch. There can be those bumps, but make the Doctor-Companion relationship just a liiiittle bit smoother, please?

  • Steve Dorsett

    The consequences don’t get much more real that having the man you love dying, his corpse being violated and turned into a Cyberman

  • timmy

    So the last rumour cultbox heard was that she was leaving? You’re behind, aren’t you, dear!

  • James Gibson

    Hopes for season 9….
    That moffet leaves before he ends up jumping the shark. RTD knew when it was his time to go…someone gonna tell Moffet his time was end of season 7 please.

  • estrella.

    So, how about a Doctor who doesn’t make insulting comments on his female companion? Or, just doesn’t comment on anyone’s appearance at all? That’d be nice.

    • Whis

      Depends on the incarnations personality, will notice more or less or different things, it has nothing to do with gender. The Master being on the feminine side of the gender spectrum didn’t phase him at all. It’s who they are he notices and comments on, not what they are.

      The Doctor can be Speciesist though especially at humans…

  • Whis

    Peter Capaldi is my Doctor, But Donna Noble is my companion!

  • SMC

    Sounds great to me — carry on!

  • Lazytiger

    I don’t think it did show a more realistic look with Clara (Donna covered that in my opinion). If anything it was Clara’s personality that brought most the issues. She was given an opportunity of a life time and yet she always tried to dictate what the Doctor does, sets her own terms and conditions and even turns on the Doctor in her moment of grief despite knowing better than most companions that he really couldn’t comply to her request. The show kept trying to make Clara into the Doctor and painting Doctor as the bad guy when I personally thought considering the circumstance most the Doctors choices were justifiable and it was in fact Clara who ruined the show for me. If the next companion is following in Clara’s footsteps as this suggests it worries me.

    Really what I want it a male companion (who is chosen by the doctor and not just a romantic interest for the female) and a female companion who isn’t trying to be the Doctor or jump his bones. I want companions who really do just want to experience the wonders of the universe and travel full time with the Doctor (the odd episode returning home I wouldn’t protest but anything like with Clara makes them feel to flake y and is off putting to me)

    Overall Moffat is tryying to make it seem original and new that we see the consequences of a being a companion when he is in fact wrong. Donna’s ending and even the Ponds to some extent (they never got to raise Melody not really, I don’t care if she grew up with them it’s different kind of bond. They essentially lot their child) and even Classic who showed this such as with Adric and Peri. So I disagree with Moffat’s direction for the next season, if anything ti should be on finding Galifrey and not overly complicating it with unnecessary subplots which don’t really add anything new.

    • Danygalw

      “She was given an opportunity of a life time and yet she always tried to dictate what the Doctor does, sets her own terms and conditions and even turns on the Doctor in her moment of grief despite knowing better than most companions that he really couldn’t comply to her request. The show kept trying to make Clara into the Doctor”
      You keep saying things that are perfectly true as if they’re somehow bad. Yes. Clara has flaws, makes mistakes, and has narrative power. That’s… that’s good.

      ‘Finding Gallifrey’ is such a nothing storyline anyway. It’s not even a storyline. How do you spin that out beyond a single episode once you actually get down to it? Filler magnet.

  • Drahan

    I like Clara with the Doctor. 🙂 They are nice!

  • myblacky06

    I hope Clara stays for a while longer.

  • Barb Walker

    iNSERT ROLLEYES HERE .. SPOILERS !!! Clara is staying for whole season 9