Joy Wilkinson’s Doctor Who episode titled ‘The Witch Finders’

In an interview on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, screenwriter and playwright Joy Wilkinson revealed the name of the episode of Doctor Who Series 11 she penned as The Witch Finders. Since the name of the title was spoken and there is, as yet, no written record of it, it is possibly titled The Witchfinders.

Wilkinson referred to Jodie Whittaker’s performance as “absolutely luminous.”

An episode known to feature witches was filmed during the third filming block of Doctor Who directed by Sallie Aprahamian, who directed episodes 4 and 9, according to the filming block editor’s CV. Some of the third block filming occurred on location at Little Woodham, a 17th century living museum in Gosport.

Alan Cumming revealed that he will play King James 1 in an episode of Doctor Who. King James personally supervised the torture of accused witches and wrote Daemonologie, a dissertation on black magic.

Wilkinson previously described the episode she wrote to Doctor Who Magazine as “dark, funny, squelchy”.

Why squelchy? Well, for one thing there was some very muddy location filming, according to director Sallie Aprahamian in Doctor Who Magazine:

“The weather was not kind to us on one of the episodes – howling rain storms, snow, lots of mud and bright sunshine, sometimes within minutes of each other. The cast and crew were amazing, working on through with good humour and craft. That’s how Doctor Whomagic sometimes has to happen.”

And there is a character called a Mud Witch in Aprahamian’s filming block.

The episode number The Witch Finders has not yet been officially announced. It is not likely the finale episode nor is it one of the first six episodes so it is either the seventh, eighth or ninth episode of Series 11. It is likely the ninth episode since the editor for the third filming block directed by Sallie Aprahamian, Helen Murphy has listed “Episodes 4 + 9” on her CV.

The ninth episode of Doctor Who Series 11 will air on December 2.